Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Racist Kanye West and Taylor Swift

I have seen plenty of commentary about Kanye interrupting Taylor's acceptance speech at the VMA awards, but not one single person has nailed the reason why. He's a racist!

Racist - a person who thinks their race is better than other races
Racialist - a person who works for the best interests of their race

A few might remember that Kanye blamed the devastation of Hurricane Katrina on racists in the White House. Now, I'm no fan of ex Pres. Bush, but come on people. That idea is simply stupid. There were plenty of white people hurt by the hurricane, but I didn't hear them cry racism! Umm, I also didn't hear of any raping or murdering the weakest among their own people at the Astro Dome. I know just saying that will get me pegged as a racist - but no, I'm a racialist. (on a little side note: paperwork that had to be filled out by Katrina victims to receive relief gave an extra 5 points if you were a "minority". A white mom sent me a copy of it)I think Kanye's actions at the VMA however, puts him in the category of racist. He just couldn't believe that white country singer Taylor Swift could possibly have the best female starring video. It had to be racist to pick her.

And even though Beyonce graciously let Taylor share the spotlight later on in the program, one thing led me to think that it was just her way of winning a few publicity congrats. If you look at the acceptance speech by Taylor the cameras scan over to catch Beyonce's response. Her face glowed with what looks like excitement, joy, and glee. (maybe a little surprise) She even has a big smile the whole time. If she was really upset, her eyes would have narrowed, she wouldn't have been smiling, and she would have looked, well, mad!

Kanye says his behavior was "rude" and that he regrets it. Does he really? Maybe he does and maybe he doesn't. Maybe he's sorry because he didn't account for so many people being upset - kind of like being sorry for getting caught, but not sorry for doing it.

If a white person had done this to a black person, I am pretty sure that everyone would be calling the white person a terrible racist. Kanye West does it and race never even enters the commentaries. How absurd!


Anonymous said...

I truly have to agree with you,Kanye has made 2 statements that were truly unacceptable,and I feel truly sorry for Taylor. How Kanye, took the mic from Taylor,and just left her standing there,he truly embarrassed the heck out of her in front of billions of people,he should totally apologize to her like a man in person and not on a late night show, for that I truly believe that he is not sorry.

Pastor Jon Harness said...

Rachel, great blog post! I am so upset over this myself as I know that this is one more time that we see the true intent of these blacks within this country. Kanye West absolutely disrespected this white woman as she is receiving her award and no one yells foul from the media! I am even shocked that the mainstream media acknowledged it beyond the first broadcast of their news reporting.

I shared a personal example on my e-group earlier today in regard to this black mentality of racism within this nation: I was taking my wife and daughters to a dinner and a carriage ride in downtown Louisville, KY this past Sunday (9/13/09) when I was approached by a black beggar on the streets. He came up asking for money at which time I advised him I don't give out money. He then began to berate me for not caring and I advised him that I work for our income at which time he called me a "racist". This is the conditioning that white America has allowed through false propaganda that we "owe" something to someone due to their skin color! Now it is being turned on us in the ugliest form of demonization as they work to label all whites "racist". Finally, by the end of the conversation the black man let me know that Obama would be taking all that I have and would be giving it to him eventually. I personally think this black man lives in a false utopic fantasy world as Barak Obama cares only enough about the blacks as to get their undying support to further his employers greed and deceit.

Anthony Jacob made this comment, in White Man Think Again!, about the use of blacks and other peoples outside of the white race to further their agenda, and that is what this is all truly about, "the manipulation of primitive peoples for the purpose of overthrowing White Civilisation is a manifestation of evil incarnate". I am not sure that Mr. Jacob understood the full ramification of that statement, but we all know who the "evil incarnate" is and what it is doing by causing simple minds like Kanye West to stand up and disrespect this white woman, Taylor Swift, in the open abuse of racism.

WAKE UP white America, WAKE UP white man from your slumber and let's stop this now by lifting our voices together in a show of discontent with this racist Kanye West and all others like him!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that he is extremely racist. His comments at the vma show may not have been directly race related but he has shown his colors and stupidity over and over in the past. I was listening to fox news radio yesterday and they played the audio from this morons tyrade about hurricane katrina. I happened to be part of the military down there in one of the worst ghettos in New Orleans where most of the people didn't leave. Where we were being shot at almost daily by black gang members and we were under strict orders not to fire. Often times we didn't even have loaded rifles. So sorry Kanye we were not there to kill your people we were there to save them because they were too stubborn or too stupid to heed the evacuation order and save themselves.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree....God help, if it would had been the other way around. Most likly, a cleaning crew would still be mopping up if she had grabbed the mike from him.

Anonymous said...

This is not rasict, this is just a idiot who said that another person was better, and beside, he said he was sorry, and oh yeah, YOU SUCK!

Anonymous said...

You guys are nuts! Kanye is not racist. He is an @sshole that's for sure and what he did was very disrespectful...but that doesn't make him a racist!

Eric D said...

How many of you know that Kanye West pulled almost the exact same obnoxious stunt three years ago at the European VH1 awards, where he rushed the stage, grabbed the mike from the two guys who had just won for best video, and said this was all nuts, he should have won?

Let's picture this situation: A young black woman wins for best video or best artist or whatever. While giving her acceptance award, Toby Keith jumps on stage, grabs the mike from the girl, and says "no offense, but this award should have gone to my girl, Carrie Underwood! Carrie, stand up and take a bow!" Anyone want to guess whether the next week the tv, radio, blogsphere, and print media would have been abuzz with how racist this white country guy was?