Thursday, August 27, 2009

Madonna Not so Sweet!

It doesn't seem like Madonna will ever leave the spotlight. I grew up hearing her music as a teen and now twenty years later she is still just as popular. That is why I think it is so funny that she actually caught some slack during her recent appearance in Romania as a part of her "Sticky and Sweet" tour.

She is so used to having everyone ooh and aahh over her that I don't think she was prepared for her less than impressive reception in Bucharest.

Many don't know that Madonna is Jewish by race, but was raised Catholic. And what shame she has brought to God fearing Catholics everywhere as she parades her Kaballah loving (yeah, she returned to her roots)sleazy self all over half the world.

I know that sounds terrible. After all, she writes children's books now. But, I guess you would have to have lived a few years to remember her pornographic photo book of her...ummm private parts that was widely advertised and laughed about.

She must have been shocked when she started yapping about discrimination and homosexual rights and got booed by about 50,000 people. Why they would want to disgrace their nation by having her perform is beyond me. But apparently watching the pop star gyrate on stage is far from approval of homosexuals and the mixed race gypsies that some European leaders are encouraging to integrate socially with the Caucasians of Eastern Europe.

Everyone must be careful what entertainers they follow or allow their children to follow. The words these entertainers speak often become the social platform that young people follow. How frightening!

Think about all the socialistic, gender bending, anti-American music that came out of the dirty hippie generation and look who is running the White House, Congress, Supreme Court, Board of Education,.....etc. See a coincidence? And if you think America is on the right track, you are probably a product of that generation. You never learned to think for yourself and you are living it up in a drowning nation.

Hopefully news of Romania's disapproval of Madonna will spread. Its a sad fact, that many of today's young people just blindly follow the entertainers of the day and are scared to have their own opinion. Maybe they should look to some of the young people in Romania if they need a reality check. You don't have to live a cookie cutter life.

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If a person is so weak minded to let music dictate their life, then he/she is an jack@ss.

Madonna is fabulous, happy, & rich. Don't hate.