Thursday, September 17, 2009

White Kid Beaten on Bus by Black Racists

I didn't see this on the nightly news with Katie or Brian Williams. I didn't catch it on CNN either. Will hate crime charges be filed? It is doubtful. No school or police station wants a riot on their hands. If hate crime charges are filed, most blacks would consider it discrimination. And I don't necessarilly blame the bus driver either. He probably has a family at home and didn't want to get stabbed on the job.

My daughters were horrified when they watched this video. And my ten year old son said,"It's too bad all the white moms and dads aren't marching in front of the school. They're too scared someone will call them names!" much truth from a child.

The sad thing is that this violence against white kids happens ALL THE TIME! These poor white kids just can never catch a break. They are either broken down mentally by a public school system that targets their natural born traits of civilization building or they are beaten down physically by non-whites (the world's global majority) who are all hopped up on the belief that white people have a history of victimizing of course, the white kids deserve it. Of course, this doesn't explain the extremely high rate of black on black violence. That is due to their ranting and raving about racist cops all the time. Now they live in a society that lacks clear cut rules of law and order and they are victims of themselves.

These white kids (and black victims of black crime) are the casualties of an elitist war on whites (the historical maintainers of law and order) by pscho babbling social engineers - sort of like the ones who starred in the recent edition of NewsWeek magazine. The story was about how little babies as young as 6 months old are racists and Oh My! what are we going to do about this terrible problem!

Here is my post on the NewsWeek site in regard to that story.

I previously posted in regard to the other article about baby racists, but those comments were removed.

I am a white mother of three children and get along fine with other races. That being said, I am outraged that the systematic propagandizing of our children continues to plague our nation. In the cold war era this would have been called brain washing.

No one has the unalienable right to take little children and attempt to change their natural inborn trait of racial self preservation and the sense of community that comes with it. Races are different. We look different, we act different, we are biologically different. The cultures and governments that come out of our people are different. We now even have a growing practice of race based medicine and science because the races respond differently to different procedures, medicine, disease, etc.

I don't understand why this difference makes everyone so uptight and irrational. The sense of community and group identity that is a natural inborn trait is God given and I see nothing wrong with it.

For thousands of years we were even geographically separated, for the most part. Self-determination is a wonderful thing. Why do other races have the need to permeate white culture with theirs?

I believe the answer is that they don't naturally have this need. So I am not putting any blame on them. The problem is that we have a growing segment of society which has developed in the past hundred years under the guise of science, ie social engineers who think they know the way to utopia. They must mess and meddle, confuse and bate, mix and mingle all the races together until they feel we have all lost our inborn racial instincts of self determination, self preservation, cultural attributes, and racial/family love.

These self loathing do-gooder social engineers have been screwing our country (and others) over for far too long. While they sit in their cushioned government jobs, spacious university tenured positions, out of touch with the real world - they march on bringing destruction and chaos with them.

The more these perpetrators of public confusion continue in pressuring govt. agencies, think tanks, school curriculum authors, etc. into creating an artificial racially confused society, the worse race relations get.

America is developing a split personality disorder. Our nation is unstable and unhealthy. There is nothing wrong with racial groups identifitying with their racial community. One sociologist in the article even stated that it good that these white children are learning to feel guilty.

Parents should be outraged that their children are being experimented on like lab rats. Leave our children alone! There is nothing wrong with them. None of the races deserve to have their racial communities and identity erased!

When sociologists have succeeded in robbing us all of our natural identity, when big business has succeeded in reducing the world to a mere global work force to serve an elite group of people - made up of a small mix of all racial groups, will anyone care that there are hardly any white people left. I know many people don't care, but I care.

There will only be a sprinkling of whites here and there. If any of you white parents don't care about future generations of white children then shame on you. Kiss western Christian civiliation good bye. You may not love your racial community, but I do. Because that's what parents do. I applaud the other races in this comment section who care about their people. Why don't you? Is it because you were lab rats too. Yes, I think that is it. So wake up or continue running on the wheel. As for me, I don't let others do my thinking for me. But then, I actually care about my kids! An angry - yet loving mother!

Please pray for our forgotten white youth and for world peace! It starts by saving western Christian civilization!


Anonymous said...

Of course there won't be any hate crime punishment in this case. The way our society is today you have to be white to commit a hate crime. All this is in the eyes of the law is a kid getting beat up. They will ignore the truth of the matter that this is very much a hate crime just as it is a hate crime to make white kids feel guilty or feel like they owe the black kids something because their ancestors may have had slaves. It is all part of the racist crap thrown at our kids every day under the disguise of education.

This kind of anarchy in schools is the reason schools were segregated in the first place. Our Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers knew what they were doing and knew what the consequences of race mixing. I personaly have no problem with "people of color" as a whole. My problem is the fact that my kids as well as every other white kid in the nation are being taught that they are inferior because of our history or that they should feel guilty. And because of that "White Guilt" people are being brainwashed into not standing up for their own people. It's absolutely sickening.

Pastor Jon Harness said...

Once again, my comments and thoughts in regard to this reverse discrimination that is being taught by the "anti-Christ" imposters calling themselves Jews is being lived out daily in front of the cameras and we continue to sit back in our "lazy boy's" and do nothing!

Where are the white "Jessie Jackson's" and "Al Sharpton's"? Where are the white fathers who allow this to continue by keeping their children in these public zoos called "schools". They're "schools" alright, "schools" of pirrhana behaving exactly like the animal kingdom, but remember we are of a Kingdom greater than the created.

Please note in the video that the white boy stayed peaceful during the assault! This is an identity marker of an Israelite: "blessed are the peacemakers..." He is doing all he can to stop this animalistic tirade and all because he wanted to sit down as he was commanded.

Now, let's look at the bus driver. Is this person a "fool" or what? How many times do they have to see what is going on and not stop the bus calling for law enforcement assistance and getting off of their duff's to do something "right"?

This is another fine example of the loss of white heritage and the chaos of race mixing, and all we see on the T.V. are videos about the wicked "whites" who stood up against this result in the mid 20th century. All we see are pictures filled with anti-Christ narrators telling us how bad our forefathers (some of which are still alive and watching this) were because of trying to keep this from being our present. All the while we are forced to ignore these types of malicious assaults and stay repentant for our (white man's) "wicked past".

WAKE UP white America! Your children are being abused by your "neighbors?" God warned you it would happen and yet you ignore the root of the problem and keep throwing band-aids on the dead, rotten flesh while preaching your false racial reconciliation doctrine. These "animals" do NOT love your children!

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Anonymous said...

thank God for people like Rachel Pendergraft. You may not always agree with her but she is honest with herself and her readers. I work as a librarian in a public library and see on a daily basis, the way white culture and civilization is de-volving. Keep up the good work Rachel, Your friend Eric.

Anonymous said...


youtube Katie Piper amazing girl.

Sophie, Engalnd