Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It has been a while

Wow, it has been several months since I have had the time to write on my blog. Since my last posting I have been busy getting a new issue of The Crusader newspaper to the printer, had several messages to prepare and deliver for our Sunday morning church services when Pastor Robb was out of town, conducted several lengthy media interviews including one with a French news team who spent several days here and visited my home, organized and had some fun youth days for local white nationalist young people, helped organize and spoke at the Nat'l Faith and Freedom Conference, went to D.C. to meet with govt. folks and explain to them why the ADL and SPLC (anti-white and anti-Christian groups) aren't to be trusted for intelligence info, previewed my book, "A Guidebook to Homeschooling for the Racially Concious Family," prior to printing and then.........thank goodness I had a lovely vacation with my husband.

Yes, I just returned from a Carribbean vacation having visited Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel, Mexico.

My trip to Jamaica was the most interesting of all as they removed the big steel padlock to let the tourists out to meet up with their guides before being whisked away to our island destination for the day. I thought it was quite interesting to see the several call centers and corporate offices that had well armed police and prison type security. It was explained that even the fellow Jamaican workers at these places have to be protected from their neighbors. I wondered if America may look like this some day or perhaps since America's school children are no longer being encouraged to learn Spanish, but rather Mandarine Chinese, that perhaps that is what is in store for us. I also heard several "natives" talk with pride about the times the sugar cane workers rose up and massacred all the white people on the island - men, women, and children many of whom were also slaves there - but I guess a shared job didn't matter - those pretty white children just had the wrong color of skin.

A chef from India bragged that Americans go to his country and get a heart operation, meals, and the hostpital room for about $20,000 instead of the several hundred thousand that it might cost in the U.S. I thought to myself that it is only a matter of time before our health care industry is taken over in the U.S. by people from India as has virtually happened in Britain. Also, thanks to all the illegal immigrants who are a major contributing factor to the rising health care costs in this country.

Met a very nice white Hispanic couple from Argentina. They are definitely in the minority in their country and they agreed that when whites are the minority people here (already are world wide) those nice people of color aren't going to be so nice. They might complain about being taken out of their (well, rather sold by their own people)war torn, impoverished, disease ridden, voodoo land, but I don't see them lining up to go to their homeland. For all their complaints, white people have been pretty darn good to them. I don't think they will reciprocate.

And then upon returning the world is in an uproar about the Swine Flu. According to one report from Los Vas Atzlan news service (a very anti-Zionist Mexican Nationalist group) the culprit is a U.S. owned corporation. Here is what their report said.

"Swine Flu" epicenter is a huge US owned
hog farm in the state of Veracruz

[MAP] Various news outlets in Mexico, including the Mexico City newspaper La Jornada, are reporting that the "nexus" of the Swine Flu virus is a huge swine "factory" named Granjas Carroll which is a subsidiary of the US hog giant Smithfield Foods. Grangas Carroll is located near the village of La Gloria and about 100 miles east of Mexico City.

The Swine Flu which is creating widespread panic in Mexico and throughout the world appears to be caused by a strange concoction of swine, avian, and human viruses that were fermented in the Grangas Carroll smelly hog fecal ponds that attract millions of flies. Veracruz newspapers are reporting that about 60% of the campesinos in La Gloria are now infected with pulmonary and flu like diseases. Three children have died of the disease and many are presently hospitalized. The outbreak started as early as December 2008 but has been kept under the rug. Smithfield Foods executives are denying that viruses can be transferred from hogs to humans or that their pigs are infected with Swine Flu.

Journalists are also accusing Veracruz politicians and government officials of corruption because of their attempts to cover up the origin of the infections. News reports claim that corrupt politicians are protecting the interests of the US corporation. Yesterday, Veracruz state authorities arrested 5 campesinos and accused them of bringing up false allegations against Granjas Carroll. La Jornada is reporting that the Mexican Congress has called for an investigation of Smithfield Foods to determine their responsibility in the Swine Flu epidemic.


Of course, this is what could happen when the Washington D.C. politicans make it so easy for U.S. corporations to flee the country in order to avoid EPA and FDA health regulations intended to benefit the nation. They take jobs to other third world nations, ruin their environment, and then ship the stuff back to us. And you call us supremacists? ha Think again.

But its good to be back - swine flu hysteria and all. Be sure to check out Pastor Robb's post about the recent Newsweek article.

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