Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stupid Comments

Wow, there sure have been some stupid comments about Egypt. It is so sad to see such evidence of ignorance. I know its not your fault.

You think the white people in Europe just magically appeared there? No, they migrated there from the cradle of civilization. And on their march throughout the world (and sailing) they raised up great empires such as Egypt, India, China, and the Incan and Aztec empires of Central and South America.

I won't try to educate everyone on these facts here, but if you are sincerely interested I can point you to areas of research. The interesting thing is that after the white people left these areas the nations digressed into chaos and poverty. All but China. The Chinese and related Japanese - while not civilization builders are wonderful maintainers of civilization and pretty good at keeping law and order.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Race Problems Even in Ancient Egypt

Egypt was established and rose to greatness by the white race. Later after racemixing had decimated much of Egypt, the Greeks civilized it again. I bet your Afrocentric education didn't tell you that Cleopatra was Greek.

Long before then, Egypt has laws restricting non-white immigration into the nation.

Check this out!

Dr. Ed Fields, editor of The Truth at Last newspaper points out the ancient struggle to retain the purity of the white race. He says,"The ancient Egyptians saw the threat of the high Negro birth rate. Low-class and morally corrupt white Egyptians would mate with the black female slaves and produce mulattoes of low intelligence. In order to put a stop to the pollution of the Egyptian race, the pharaoh built a string of fortresses in Nubia at the second cataract with soldiers under orders to keep Negroes out of Upper Egypt. Sesostris the III (1878-1840 B.C.) had the following wording engraved on the fort, which remains at Semneh to this day:

It reads: 'Southern boundary under the majesty of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Sesostris III, in order to prevent any Negro to pass it, by water or by land with a ship, or any herds of the Negroes, except a Negro who shall come to do trading in Iken or with a commission. Every good thing shall be done with them but without allowing a ship of the Negroes to pass forever.”

Race Issues and the American Revolution

The Negro was originally viewed as a docile being who would easily succumb to a master’s orders - unlike the former"indentured servants or white slaves” who would not tolerate anything but self rule. And in small numbers, the Negro did adjust well to plantation life. The Negro is often described as having a"pack” mentality. Negroes do not start becoming unruly until their population grows in proportion to whites.

And so it was with the slave population, which was growing at extraordinary rates. For example, in South Carolina in 1715 Negroes out numbered whites by 10,500 to 6,250.

Georgia which had originally been colonized heavily by white slaves, indentured servants, and tax"criminals” from England, banned slavery outright in her Organic Act when formed in 1735. The Colonists were making a point to ridicule the British commercial slavery policy. The colonists were viewed as rabble by Britain, and now they were being forced to put up with a growing Negro threat.

“An Act for rendering the Colony of Georgia more defensible by Prohibiting the Importation and use of Black Slaves or Negroes in the same“ It reads as follows:

“Whereas experience hath shown that the manner of settling colonies and plantations with black slaves or Negroes hath obstructed the increase of English and Christian inhabitants therein who alone can in case of a war be relied on for the defense and security of the same, and hath exposed the colonies so settled to the insurrections, tumults and rebellions of such slaves and Negroes and the case of a rupture with any foreign state who should encourage and support such rebellions might occasion ruin and loss of such colonies.”

In April 1772, the Virginia Assembly met and sent a message to the King warning that the Negroes now outnumber the whites in the area 2 to 1. They had become an obvious threat to the colonists and their children.

Eventually the slavery of whites in the British West Indies had waned and it had become less acceptable. Jews had begun bringing in huge populations of Negro slaves. Descendants of the white slaves in these areas, who likewise had grown into sizable populations, were still extremely outnumbered by the new black slaves. Unlike the Irish, previously, who had resisted enslavement in a civilized manner usually by attempting escape or rising up against those actually responsible for his enslavement, the Negro slaves engaged in a blood bath - slaughtering every man, woman, and child. The gruesome news of these horrendous acts rightly scared the colonists.

The Virginia Assembly in 1772 issued the following proclamation:

“The people of this colony must fall upon means not only of preventing their increase, but also of lessening their number; and in the interest of the country would manifestly require the total expulsion of them.

“The importation of slaves into the colonies from the coast of Africa hath long been considered as a trade of great inhumanity; and under its present encouragement we have too much reason to fear will endanger the very existence of our majesty’s American dominions. Some of our majesty subjects in Great Britain may reap emoluments (great wealth) from this sort of traffic; but, when we consider that it greatly retards the settlement of the colonies with more useful inhabitants, and may in time have the most destructive influence, we presume to hope the interest of a few will be disregarded, when placed in competition with the security and happiness of such numbers of our majesty’s dutiful and loyal subjects. Deeply impressed with these sentiments we most humbly beseech your majesty to remove all those restraints on your majesty’s governors of this colony which inhibit their assenting to such laws as might check so pernicious a commerce.”

Jews and White Elite Fight for Continuation of Negro Slave Trade / Resentment Ensues

Georgia was protected by their anti-slave law until 1750 when it was repealed at the urging of the large plantation owners who sought cheap slave labor. The small white farmers still supported the slave ban. The average white man and woman indeed had reason to fear the growing black population.

Many of the common white men and women, the working poor and middle class, descendants of white slavery or white slaves themselves, were incensed at the British use of Negroes in the militia of the aristocracy. White men who were promised land upon release from servitude were systematically denied. The owners of large plantations with ties and allegiance to the crown would arm part of their black men to assist in running white families off the better land and into the hill land.

Whites who fled slavery had to scratch out an existence as subsistence farmers where they existed in extreme poverty, forming peasant communities in the hills. They were mocked and scorned by the majority of the wealthy white planter elite as well as by Negroes. Small farmers were referred to as"red shanks” and"red legs,” and"poor-white earth scratching scum.”.

This growing resentment by vast numbers of white colonists toward the crown was beneficial. These colonists had been instilled with a sense of fighting zeal.

During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress permitted the recruitment of white slaves into the army, thus granting to them their freedom.

These men had anger toward Britain and the Continental army found this to be very useful in winning Independence.


One such man was Matthew Lyon. He was orphaned at 14 years of age when his father along with other leaders of the"White Boys” an Irish farmers’ group organized to resist British government confiscation of their farmlands, were executed. The boy was enslaved and transported to America where a wealthy Connecticut merchant bought him.

By the spring of 1775, Matthew Lyon had taken up the offer of freedom if he joined the fight for American Independence. He joined a band of guerrilla fighters that later appeared out of nowhere at Ticonderoga in northern New York. Their commander, Ethan Allen, demanded the surrender of the mighty British fort. Lyon rose to the rank of Colonel and fought the British at the battles of Bennington and Saratoga. He had joined the infamous Green Mountain Boys. He became a founder of the state of Vermont and elected to its assembly and later to the U.S. Congress. He became very wealthy after discovering that paper could be made from wood pulp. Two grandsons were decorated war heroes and served as generals - one on the Union side and one on the Confederate side.

Negro Slavery Was a Primary Issue in the American Revolution - America wanted it stopped - Britain said, "NO!”

Thomas Jefferson, in an early draft of the Declaration of Independence wanted included the following wording by George Mason:
“By prompting our Negroes to rise in arms against us, these very Negroes, whom by an inhuman use of his negative he hath refused us permission to exile (from the nation) by law”

(King George had urged the Negroes in America to support the British Army and join them in taking up arms against the Whites. In effect, he was urging a bloody slave revolt!)

New Orleans lawyer and historian Drew L. Smith wrote on the grievances leading up to the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776:

“There was one flagrant act of which the British King was guilty that did not appear in the Declaration. That act was the King’s repeated refusal to stop the African slave trade into the American provinces. In deed, his continued rejection of colonial appeals to bar Negro importation into the colonies was the most important reason for the Declaration of Independence. It far transcended all other acts of tyranny by the British Crown.”

Jefferson wrote that while some wanted to simply free the slaves, there was the problem of "what further is to be done with them?” He said that it was one thing for the Romans to free White slaves whom, "when made free might mix (interbreed) without staining the blood of his master…when freed (the Negroes) must be removed beyond the reach of mixture.”

Indeed time and time again, the colonies passed laws to reduce or ban the importation of Negro slaves only to have the laws overturned by the King. On Dec. 10, 1770, King George III issued instructions commanding the Royal Governor of Virginia, "under pain of the highest displeasure, to assent to no law by which the importation of slaves should be in any respect prohibited or obstructed.”

A Summary and

the Devastating Results

The British crown, in debt to the interests of organized Jewry attempted to solve their financial woes by extracting incredulous amounts of money from the people, running them off their land, and finally selling them into slavery to their own racial kin in America. Not always treated according to Biblical mandates, men, women, and children finding themselves to be white slaves in the new world grew resentful of Jews and fellow Whites who maintained an elitist attitude.

Their resentment gave way to a powerful incentive in fighting the British crown during the American Revolution. The British Crown, Jewish financiers, and white elitists joined in holding down the average white person and using the once thought docile Negro against them - who had - revolts had shown- to harbor a bloodthirsty hatred of white people. Their growing population threatened all Americans whether free, indentured, or slave. Whatever the status, whites were the target of Negro savagery.

White elitists, including many large plantation owners, turned their backs upon their fellow white brothers and sisters in favor of cheap labor (much like the large corporations of today) and looked down upon the working and middle class whites with scorn and ridicule.

Still, there were many wealthy whites - without an elitist attitude - who feared the growing and violent Negro slavery institution and joined in with their fellow concerned neighbors to fight for American Independence. It was the desire for fair treatment of all whites that caused the phrase, "all men are created equal” to appear in the Declaration. This did not involve the Negro. Our forefathers were concerned about the treatment of whites. Unfortunately, while Independence was won. The Negro problem was never solved.

Thomas Jefferson drew up a plan to send the slaves back to Africa - but it was never followed through on.

In just a little under 100 years, the descendants of white slavery would find themselves at odds with the huge Negro population and the white aristocracy. The southern states in succeeding from the Union had outlawed the importation of any more slaves - but it was too late. The damage had been done. Poor whites were forced to compete against Negro slave labor. Jobs were few. Negro slaves were expensive. However, as an investment they had to be treated well, receiving adequate food, clothing and medication even as poor whites in the same town sickened and died from disease and malnutrition. While the War between States, the Civil War, or the War of Northern Aggression (whatever your preference) is often cited as only a one or two issue war. (slavery or states rights). It was a many sided issue at that time and not as easily split along geographic lines as some would like to believe.

Some of the leaders of the Free Soil Party and many of the abolitionist soldiers who made up the ranks of Lincoln’s armies in Southern Ohio, western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee, southern Illinois, Kentucky and elsewhere were survivors of white slavery or else descendants. They did not view themselves as advocates of what was then referred to as racial"amalgamation.” Historically they regarded themselves as separatists and viewed the Southern planters’ desire to spread Negroes into California, Oregon and other territories as a grave threat to free white labor and the Biblical principle of racial separation.

Congressman David Wilmot of Iowa sponsored a law to ban Black slavery in the American West. He called the law, 'the white Man’s Proviso.” He was bitterly opposed by the Southern and Eastern elite. He told Congress that he intended to preserve America’s western frontier for ”the sons of toil, my own race and color.” (Charles Going, David Wilmot: Free-Soiler, p. 74)

One East Coast Establishment leader who did support racial amalgamation was Justin D. Fulton, a Boston minister popular in leftist circles. He wrote in 1869:

“Much is said against amalgamation, as though it were a crime. There is no crime in it or about it. There is much of prejudice, but no crime. If a white man loves a black woman, there is no law in God’s code forbidding the union. In this intermingling of races, coming to this land from all climes, we perceive the seedling of a glorious hope. The future American is to be the product of this blending of the distinctive features of all the various races of earth. Against this result, there is an immense amount of prejudice; but not in Europe, it does not exist. Many a white man has found his help-mate in a black woman, and many more will find help-mates from the same source.”

Yet, the majority of Northerners were opposed to race mixing. Their insistence to the abolition of slavery was not for the most part out of consideration for Negroes, but rather for the poor whites that had to compete against cheap labor. In fact, in most northern states, Negroes were not even allowed unless posting a large bond or if in the company of his master. These statutes were called the,"Black Codes."

“A large number of white southerners lived in the upcountry, an area of small farmers and herdsmen - engaged largely in mixed and subsistence agriculture..little currency circulated, barter was common and upcountry families dressed in 'home-spun cloth, the product of the spinning wheel and the hand-loom.’ This economic order gave rise to a distinctive sub-culture that celebrated mutuality, egalitarianism (for whites) and independence “.

Poor whites had to be drafted into the Confederate army. As in the North, where resistance to conscription was widespread, many Southern Whites saw the conflict as "a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight.” Indeed, any slaveholder owning 20 or more Negro slaves was exempt from military combat.

Abraham Lincoln purchased Liberia for the repatriation of the slaves back to Africa. Over 20,000 were returned. His assassination ended the repatriation policy as well as the Lincoln Green back - constitutional currency. John Wilkes Booth, agent of the Rothchild banking family did the deed. And lest we forget the manipulation by both Northern and Southern Jewish propagandists - who are always the only ones to win when it comes down to wars for profit - though on the surface it may be said to be fought for an ideal.

Nathan Bedford Forrest initially accepted a post with the Union Army, but joined confederate forces when fighting hit close to home. The immediate safety of his family was his primary concern. Later, as the leader of the Ku Klux Klan, he required all Klansmen to pledge allegiance to the U.S. Constitution. The point being that the reason for fighting on either side wasn’t always as clear cut as we would believe. The early Klan wasn’t engaged in fighting "northerners”, but rather scoundrels with an elitist attitude - some who came from the North and some who came from the South.

In New York, a riot broke out for 5 days, when the draft was imposed. Negroes were the target of rage. Northern farm boys did not want to fight for, "their inferno Negroes”

Some northern counties succeeded and joined the Confederacy due to their strong belief in states rights. These were often areas of heavy and recent Irish immigration, who had the actions of the centralized government of England fresh in their minds. They fought against the idea of federalism. Ironically today, we see some homosexual groups clamoring in support of states’ rights. They say an individual state has the right to legalize same sex "marriage” even if the federal government does not. This again proves that it is not a righteous government that makes a righteous people, but a righteous people that lends support to the establishment of a righteous government following the dictates of the Almighty!

Plague upon our People

In conclusion, the Negro has been a plague upon our people since their first arrival to America. But, we must remember that they did not build boats - never have- and sail here on their own. Neither did white people begin the practice of human trafficking.

Those of vision in the past could see the ramifications of a large Negro population and worked to prevent it. Just as today, we can see the problems that will arise from increased non-white immigration. Yet, the corporate elitists, in their walled communities, backed by Jewish finance and in fact indebted to them, do everything within their power to keep the cheap labor coming in. While middle class America must pay the consequences of an ever-increasing non-white population.

Our people are continually hooked by the propagandist’s message: How cruel not to let these people come and share the wealth - it’s the American way - it’s the Christian way. All the while, our people look around and wonder what is going on - things do not seem right. They keep voting for whoever will tell them the things they want to hear. Their actions are similar to some of those early colonists who looked the other way at the suffering of their fellow whites (the indentured) they are content to complain as long as it does not affect them.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Homosexual Videos/Guidelines in California Schools

Oh poor California! Yes, it is a beautiful state with such an inspiring history. When I used to think of California I would think about those White Spaniards who came and built missions throughout the region. I think of how they brought Christianity to the impoverished and illiterate inhabitants.

And then I think of the pioneers. The Bible says His people would cause the deserts to bloom and then just look at the marvelous ways in which the white people civilized the area. They literally caused the deserts to bloom and it is now an agricultural paradise. Or I think of the mighty Red mighty and so much splendor. Did the white seafaring Phoenicians and their white Israelite neighbors bring the seeds of the RedWoods to California as they traveled through the ancient land of Palestine on their many excursions to the new world. That is what many renowned archaeologists and historians say. It is interesting to know that Palestine is the only other place where these types of trees exist.

And then I think of my own family's roots in California. My grandfather was in law enforcement for a time. He also worked for the Game and Fish Commission and would hunt down coyotes, wolves, and mountain lions who preyed on the rancher's flocks. And he had a small claim and gold mine back in the 50's, a small cabin, and my grandmother and my mother (as a small girl) would travel for supplies on a mule up the American River near Colfax in the northern part of the state. Oh, such a humble life they led. You wouldn't have known when talking to him that he came from a very wealthy founding family in Maine. My grandparents had that pioneering spirit and headed west like so many other Californians.

But what has happened to California? Yes, there are still many fine Christian people there fighting to save the state. I know so many. But the state keeps falling and falling. The white Christian people who civilized the state (yes, I realized there were some Chinese there as workers, but they weren't the real designers of the state any more than the blacks who helped build the White House designed the American Republican form of government based upon the Christian faith)are now the minority as they are world wide. The state is in financial ruin - too many illegal aliens and entitlement programs. And Hollywood has decimated the Christian base.

There has been so much anti-Christian legislation come out in recent years. And much of it affecting the schools. In retaliation for the success of Prop. 8 in support of traditional marriage (It is still possible CA will follow in the footsteps of a few of the other states like MA and bypass the Christian base by just making it legal (but not lawful according to Christ)

Coming out of the film industry is a new move to infiltrate the schools. It is called Youth in Motion and it is funded by the James Irving Foundation and the Bob Ross Foundation.

The curriculum is funded by:
San Francisco
Int’l. Film Festival
National Middle School Association Conference
California Teachers Association
Equity & Human Rights Conference
National Council on Family Relations
National Association of Multicultural Education
Instituto de la RazaFree
Speech TV

On the Frameline website (the parent organization) it says, "Youth In Motion is an exciting new partnership between Frameline and Gay-Straight Alliance Network that offers LGBT themed movies to middle and high schools throughout California! More than 250 schools have already registered!

Our goal is to give student activists and teachers new tools to educate their peers about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender history and culture (and have fun doing it!)."

Shocking! Two hundred and fifty schools in California are signed up. Here is more from their site. "Youth In Motion DVDs offer a new way to educate ourselves and our communities about diverse LGBT lives and issues. Accompanied by curriculum & action guides, they provide great starting points for discussion with our supporters (and opponents) in classrooms, assemblies, and community events, and they also offer ideas and inspiration for taking action!"

There are videos about how its normal, in support of gay marriage, and about men and women who started the LGBT movement. They are called brave and courageous.

And to go with each video are teaching and curriculum guides along with activity suggestions for the students and "talking points".

In the curriculum guide about "gay families" there is a special section dealing with "homophobic" students - you know, the Christian kids who are subjected to this poison and might possibly speak out.
The guide says:

"This guide can be used in a variety of academic settings – from an exploration of LGBT issues, adoption, or family in a health or life skills class, to a study of persuasion, exposition, narrative, or genre in an English-language arts classroom, or an overview on documentary filmmaking. Gay-Straight Alliances will find these films useful for exploring marriage, family, and political concerns – concepts essential to any organization that seeks to be inclusive, promote diversity, and advocate acceptance and change.

The topics explored in these films may elicit some controversy. Be sure to prepare your audience in advance and review the Approaching the Material section of this guide for tips on facilitating conversations. This guide contains California standards-based curriculum and student action activities.

In California, teaching about sexualorientation and gender identity is not only protected but is mandated by legislation. See GSA Network’s Fact Sheets on AB5371 and SB712 for moreinformation.

What to Do if You Encounter Homophobic or Hurtful Responses

Stop the behavior. Interrupt the comment or harassment. 1. Do not pulla student aside unless absolutely necessary. Make sure all the students in the area hear your comments. Allow this to be a teachable moment.

Identify the harassment and broaden the response. 2. Make clear why this behavior is not accepted by the community: “That was a stereotype. Stereotypes are a kind of lie and they hurt people’s feelings.” “Our community does not appreciate hurtful behavior or language that puts people down. That word is a slur and can also be hurtful to others who overhear it.”

Ask for change in future behavior. 3. You may want to personalize the response: “Chris, please pause and think before you act.” Or you may wish to address the whole class: “Let’s all remember to treat one another with respect.”

And the teacher is reminded again that by using this curriculum they can comply with California Law! That law says: CA Education Code Section 51930(b)(2):“To encourage a pupil to develop healthy attitudes concerning adolescent growth and
development, body image, gender roles,sexual orientation,dating, marriage, and

Again, quoting from their guidelines

(NOTE: When staging a debate, consider dividing students into for/against
groups regardless of personal opinion. This will accomplish several things:1. encourage youth to consider issues from different perspectives, emotions that may arise when addressing sensitive topics, 3.teach students to consider counterclaims when developing arguments.)Print sources for pro/con arguments on current issues include Opposing Viewpoints and Congressional Quarterly, available in most public and school libraries.
Compare and

Reconvene as a class to discuss new insights and opinions about family
and marriage. Have students’ ideas about family changed as a result of
watching these films?

And students are told:

Gender: An individual and social understanding of someone (or something) being masculine feminine, or some combination of the two. Gender is distinct from biological sex and covers awide range of issues that affect everyone. Subcategories of gender include:

Gender Expression: The way a person expresses his or her gender through gestures,
movement, dress, and grooming, regardless of biological sex (also sometimes referred toas “gender presentation”).

And the guide states a few historical facts: While I personally find these facts positive, the guide uses them as a way to impress upon white Christian students how evil they are. Well, the facts are that America was created for white Christian people and not for homosexuals/lesbians or any other sexual devient.

Virginia enacts a law stating that if a white person marries a person of color, the couple will be banished from the colony. Many colonies, territories, and states enact laws banning interracial marriages throughout the next two and a half centuries.

The Immigration Act of 1917 bars immigration from Asia and bans people with a
“psychopathic inferiority” (amended to “sexual deviation” in 1965). Under this law,
LGBT immigrants were officially excluded from coming to the United States until 1990.

California Supreme Court becomes first state high court to declare a ban on interracial marriage unconstitutional (Perez v. Sharp).

The US Supreme Court overturns all state bans on interracial marriage, declaring that the“freedom to marry” belongs to all Americans (Loving v. Virginia). A white man married to a black woman.


Did you notice that? On the heal of integration and interracial marriage comes acceptance of homosexuality and gay "marriage" Both are unChristian

And finally, Remember good ole Joseph McCarthy? You know the guy..the man villified by the media and those decent Hollywood types..the father of dreaded McCarthism.

I met his assistant when I was a young girl and she talked about his unwavering ethics and drive to save the American family. Joseph McCarthy, a true American hero worked tiresly to weed out the Communists which had infiltrated the govt., Hollywood, and the Educational Dept. Now, folks laugh at him and call him paranoid. Oh, sure, Communists in America starting the Homosexual movement.

Check this video out. Oh, and its one of the videos that is being shown in the 250 California schools. This is just an excerpt. But notice that he is a COMMUNIST!

Also, if you notice Harry Hay says that part of their mission was that no boy or girl about to crossover to the devient have to do it alone. That sounds like the motto of NAMBLA - the North American Man Boy Love Association - which is "Sex after Eight is Too Late" Leading Homosexual activists have stated that one of their goals is to provide an adult Homosexual to mentor every boy so that they can know the glorious homosexual lifestyle. Sexual deviency is on the rise because it is a social virus propagated through social engineering.

Communists / Socialists in the White House, the State House, the School House. It was true then and it is true today. They are destroying your children. Will you care?

White Kid Beaten on Bus by Black Racists

I didn't see this on the nightly news with Katie or Brian Williams. I didn't catch it on CNN either. Will hate crime charges be filed? It is doubtful. No school or police station wants a riot on their hands. If hate crime charges are filed, most blacks would consider it discrimination. And I don't necessarilly blame the bus driver either. He probably has a family at home and didn't want to get stabbed on the job.

My daughters were horrified when they watched this video. And my ten year old son said,"It's too bad all the white moms and dads aren't marching in front of the school. They're too scared someone will call them names!" much truth from a child.

The sad thing is that this violence against white kids happens ALL THE TIME! These poor white kids just can never catch a break. They are either broken down mentally by a public school system that targets their natural born traits of civilization building or they are beaten down physically by non-whites (the world's global majority) who are all hopped up on the belief that white people have a history of victimizing of course, the white kids deserve it. Of course, this doesn't explain the extremely high rate of black on black violence. That is due to their ranting and raving about racist cops all the time. Now they live in a society that lacks clear cut rules of law and order and they are victims of themselves.

These white kids (and black victims of black crime) are the casualties of an elitist war on whites (the historical maintainers of law and order) by pscho babbling social engineers - sort of like the ones who starred in the recent edition of NewsWeek magazine. The story was about how little babies as young as 6 months old are racists and Oh My! what are we going to do about this terrible problem!

Here is my post on the NewsWeek site in regard to that story.

I previously posted in regard to the other article about baby racists, but those comments were removed.

I am a white mother of three children and get along fine with other races. That being said, I am outraged that the systematic propagandizing of our children continues to plague our nation. In the cold war era this would have been called brain washing.

No one has the unalienable right to take little children and attempt to change their natural inborn trait of racial self preservation and the sense of community that comes with it. Races are different. We look different, we act different, we are biologically different. The cultures and governments that come out of our people are different. We now even have a growing practice of race based medicine and science because the races respond differently to different procedures, medicine, disease, etc.

I don't understand why this difference makes everyone so uptight and irrational. The sense of community and group identity that is a natural inborn trait is God given and I see nothing wrong with it.

For thousands of years we were even geographically separated, for the most part. Self-determination is a wonderful thing. Why do other races have the need to permeate white culture with theirs?

I believe the answer is that they don't naturally have this need. So I am not putting any blame on them. The problem is that we have a growing segment of society which has developed in the past hundred years under the guise of science, ie social engineers who think they know the way to utopia. They must mess and meddle, confuse and bate, mix and mingle all the races together until they feel we have all lost our inborn racial instincts of self determination, self preservation, cultural attributes, and racial/family love.

These self loathing do-gooder social engineers have been screwing our country (and others) over for far too long. While they sit in their cushioned government jobs, spacious university tenured positions, out of touch with the real world - they march on bringing destruction and chaos with them.

The more these perpetrators of public confusion continue in pressuring govt. agencies, think tanks, school curriculum authors, etc. into creating an artificial racially confused society, the worse race relations get.

America is developing a split personality disorder. Our nation is unstable and unhealthy. There is nothing wrong with racial groups identifitying with their racial community. One sociologist in the article even stated that it good that these white children are learning to feel guilty.

Parents should be outraged that their children are being experimented on like lab rats. Leave our children alone! There is nothing wrong with them. None of the races deserve to have their racial communities and identity erased!

When sociologists have succeeded in robbing us all of our natural identity, when big business has succeeded in reducing the world to a mere global work force to serve an elite group of people - made up of a small mix of all racial groups, will anyone care that there are hardly any white people left. I know many people don't care, but I care.

There will only be a sprinkling of whites here and there. If any of you white parents don't care about future generations of white children then shame on you. Kiss western Christian civiliation good bye. You may not love your racial community, but I do. Because that's what parents do. I applaud the other races in this comment section who care about their people. Why don't you? Is it because you were lab rats too. Yes, I think that is it. So wake up or continue running on the wheel. As for me, I don't let others do my thinking for me. But then, I actually care about my kids! An angry - yet loving mother!

Please pray for our forgotten white youth and for world peace! It starts by saving western Christian civilization!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Racist Kanye West and Taylor Swift

I have seen plenty of commentary about Kanye interrupting Taylor's acceptance speech at the VMA awards, but not one single person has nailed the reason why. He's a racist!

Racist - a person who thinks their race is better than other races
Racialist - a person who works for the best interests of their race

A few might remember that Kanye blamed the devastation of Hurricane Katrina on racists in the White House. Now, I'm no fan of ex Pres. Bush, but come on people. That idea is simply stupid. There were plenty of white people hurt by the hurricane, but I didn't hear them cry racism! Umm, I also didn't hear of any raping or murdering the weakest among their own people at the Astro Dome. I know just saying that will get me pegged as a racist - but no, I'm a racialist. (on a little side note: paperwork that had to be filled out by Katrina victims to receive relief gave an extra 5 points if you were a "minority". A white mom sent me a copy of it)I think Kanye's actions at the VMA however, puts him in the category of racist. He just couldn't believe that white country singer Taylor Swift could possibly have the best female starring video. It had to be racist to pick her.

And even though Beyonce graciously let Taylor share the spotlight later on in the program, one thing led me to think that it was just her way of winning a few publicity congrats. If you look at the acceptance speech by Taylor the cameras scan over to catch Beyonce's response. Her face glowed with what looks like excitement, joy, and glee. (maybe a little surprise) She even has a big smile the whole time. If she was really upset, her eyes would have narrowed, she wouldn't have been smiling, and she would have looked, well, mad!

Kanye says his behavior was "rude" and that he regrets it. Does he really? Maybe he does and maybe he doesn't. Maybe he's sorry because he didn't account for so many people being upset - kind of like being sorry for getting caught, but not sorry for doing it.

If a white person had done this to a black person, I am pretty sure that everyone would be calling the white person a terrible racist. Kanye West does it and race never even enters the commentaries. How absurd!