Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School Time Is Cause for Extra Security

It is that time of year when children across America return to school.  For many parents it is a welcome relief.  In a day and age when most families find two incomes essential to keeping the mortgage paid and basic family requirements fulfilled, this time of year means that working parents need not worry about the whereabouts of their children.  They will once again find the local school to be a useful tool to not only educate, but also to guard over the children's safety. But how safe is it?

I am, as many know, an advocate of home schooling.  I think it is an obvious choice for families who want to avoid the pitfalls of the government school system as it exists today.  However, I also realize that many parents, for various reasons, will choose not home school their children.  Therefore, it is crucial that parents work to circumvent the tremendous pressures that will be upon their children. 

Primarily, the pressures I speak of are the guilt issues that are placed upon children of white heritage.  Assemblies will be held, purported accurate studies related, and textbooks read, which all attest to the guilt that children of European descent should have.

The environment is in shambles because of the huge carbon footprint of the western nations.  Children are starving somewhere in the world due to the imperialistic legacy of the western nations. And success has been denied to others because of white privilege.  This is what children will learn and I believe it is harmful to both white children and children of other racial backgrounds. 

This type of teaching will harm the self-esteem of white students and create an aura of suspicion and resentment in other children.  Nobody wins when this social experiment is plied in the schools.

Also, aside from the racial issue, students are now facing the dilemma of remaining true to the traditional beliefs of their parents and most cultures or succumbing to the new sexual politics of gender identity and the promoted proliferation of homosexuality, lesbianism, and transgender identity.  This is harmful to all cultures and ethnicities and yet it is the prevalent thinking by the leading academics of today. 

What are parents to do?

My advice is not new and many have given it.  I only want to repeat it, because it is crucial to the vitality and and fruitfulness of our society and our western Christian civilization. 

Parents must stay in tune to the life of their children.  Often by the time children have reached the teen years it is too late to impart your values to them.  They have taken upon themselves the values of their peers and their teachers.  This is okay if you have monitored both of these parties who will no doubt have an influence upon your children that sadly far out weighs your influence.  Unless, that is, you always counter with solid teaching of your own, positive example, and happy home life.

Parents really need to start in the pre-school years with positive reinforcement of family values and continued acceleration of discussion regarding the negative propaganda they will be receiving in school.  It is no easy task, but one that is absolutely essential.  Parents cannot let down their guard.  A happy and well adjusted society doesn't just happen.  It happens through the thoughtful and careful guidance of millions of parents who take their role seriously.

Jesus Christ told his disciples not to be deceived.  Yet, many Christians believe that somehow they are better than the disciples.  If even they could be deceived by an unChristian world system, then why should Christian parents today feel they are off the hook.  This is exactly what has happened however, and we see the depravity all around us as a result.

Guard the heart and mind of your children just as you would their physical bodies.  We warn about not texting and driving or drinking and driving.  We caution to wear seat belts, and to be kind and considerate as part of our Christian witness to win others to heavenly security.  Guarding our god given genetic legacy from the on going global genocide is no less important.  You are your children's best security for a world in which they are a minority population and through the manipulation of others are facing a hostile social and political environment. 

Use your time wisely.