Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Black Woman Stands Against Gay "Marriage"

This picture is of a young woman in North London in the U.K. As a marriage registrar she has pretty much the same type of duty as a justice of the peace in the U.S. If someone wants to get married and not go through a religious ceremony they can go to the wedding registrar, which in this case was Lilian Ladele.

She was brought before a government employment tribunal and charged with discrimination because she refused to officiate for a same sex "marriage". Lilian says she is a Christian and therefore is opposed to gay marriage. She appealed her termination and lost in court.

According to Reuters, the appeals court ruled that the need to outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation superseded Ladele’s arguments about religious freedom.
“Master of the Rolls, Lord Neuberger, said: ‘The legislature has decided that the requirements of a modern liberal democracy ... include outlawing discrimination in the provision of goods, facilities and services on grounds of sexual orientation, subject only to very limited exceptions,’” reported Reuters.

Okay, let me make a few comments about this.

1. This woman is obviously black, and yet I applaud her effort to stand up for traditional marriage (for the most part - I'll discuss that in a second) I get some of the craziest comments my post. There are always some very pornographic comments to be made about Mary, the mother of Jesus. I was suprised (a little) at how many folks commented and said that the poor little white boy who was burned was no big deal and they hoped he felt a lot of pain. And of course my desired death has been told to me in quite graphic terms. Most of those weirdos have some sort of sex/death thing in mind, so I hope they aren't one of your neighbors. Creepy! But the point is that I have no need to hate black people. When I point out the suffering of white people, it isn't because I doubt that others have suffered also. But rather white suffering is overlooked and that is wrong. While I do believe that all races should practice racial self-determination and should marry among their own race, I do not hate them. That would be illogical. And I have no problem if a black, Asian, or other person wants to follow the 10 Commandments, strive to live a good life, and pray to God.

2. I applaud this woman for standing up for traditional marriage. However, she is only standing up for part of traditional marriage. A few weeks ago, there was a justice of the peace in Louisiana who refused to marry an interracial couple. To him, that was crossing the line between traditional marriage and a modern view of marriage. I agree with him. The reason gay "marriage" is about to become completely legal in the U.S. as it is already in many other countries, is because first we legalized interracial marriage (it was a marriage between a black woman and a black man)and once that taboo was broken here come the queers! It really is that simple. Marriage is to be between the a man and woman and they must be of the same race. So if you are a Christian and you are upset about Gay marriage, you should stop and consider how it gained a foothold. And if you think I'm wrong, that is okay. But someday, you'll figure it out.

3. And my final comment is about the remarks make by the court in Ladel's case. They believe that the rights of sodomites exceeds the religious rights of Christians. That my friends, will soon happen here. Obama has signed the hate crime legislation which will add stiffer penalties to crimes committed out of hatred. Are there crimes NOT committed out of hatred. I can't really think of any. If a man steals, robs, or burgalizes someone, you may say that this is not out of hatred. But it is. The robber hates the one he steals from and thinks that person or family doesn't deserve what they possess. Perhaps this robber has a chip on his shoulder and thinks society owes him something. Most crime like this as well as white collar crimes are still acts of hate even if not violent. The perpetrater hates those who have what he wants. And crimes of violence are always hate related. So to add stiffer penalites because it is a "hate" crime is stupid. But that isn't what the law is about. It will start out like it did in Canada. First we will have a hate crime law and then we will have a hate speech law. And finally some fat cat politician or judge will tell Christians that the rights of sodomites exceed their rights. No, you can't talk about the Bible's admonition against homosexuality its just mean and hateful - off to jail you go! Yes, it sounds untrue. But if you can remember these comments years ahead, when it happens, just remember I told you so.

So, way to go Lilian! That is hard to do - standing up for Christian beliefs. Its even harder to stand up for traditional Christian beliefs including same race marriage partners. But who knows - maybe Lilian believes that way too - as it isn't just white folks who believe in racial integrity, there are others too. So whatever color you are, if you are taking a stand for traditonal marriage, Good for You!