Friday, September 18, 2009

Race Problems Even in Ancient Egypt

Egypt was established and rose to greatness by the white race. Later after racemixing had decimated much of Egypt, the Greeks civilized it again. I bet your Afrocentric education didn't tell you that Cleopatra was Greek.

Long before then, Egypt has laws restricting non-white immigration into the nation.

Check this out!

Dr. Ed Fields, editor of The Truth at Last newspaper points out the ancient struggle to retain the purity of the white race. He says,"The ancient Egyptians saw the threat of the high Negro birth rate. Low-class and morally corrupt white Egyptians would mate with the black female slaves and produce mulattoes of low intelligence. In order to put a stop to the pollution of the Egyptian race, the pharaoh built a string of fortresses in Nubia at the second cataract with soldiers under orders to keep Negroes out of Upper Egypt. Sesostris the III (1878-1840 B.C.) had the following wording engraved on the fort, which remains at Semneh to this day:

It reads: 'Southern boundary under the majesty of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Sesostris III, in order to prevent any Negro to pass it, by water or by land with a ship, or any herds of the Negroes, except a Negro who shall come to do trading in Iken or with a commission. Every good thing shall be done with them but without allowing a ship of the Negroes to pass forever.”


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