Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gays on Parade

I can't believe (well, yes I can) that deep in the heart of Pilgrim country another rogue state has legalized gay marriage. Of course, it is not really gay, unless gay means perverted and it definitely is not a marriage. The legal definition of a marriage is a life long committed union of a man and a woman. That is not my definition. That is the definition that the world has known since the beginning of time. And I might add, that it was almost always understood to be between a man and a woman of the same race.

More recently, the Webster's Dictionary has changed it to mean a contract between two people. It doesn't specify the gender of the two people involved. It is a good thing that Daniel Webster, the original author of Webster's dictionary is not alive today. He would be ashamed and outraged. He was a devout Christian man and a true patriot. (Yes, that statement does mean what I implied. Queers and their supporters are NOT patriots!)

Prior to Maine legalizing Sodomite psuedo-marriages, Iowa legalized it. Iowa is the home state of my husband and I know plenty of good folks from the state. When I think of Iowa, I think of the farm boys, the hardy farm wives, and the many sturdy people from Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark who built and organized government, churches, schools, and communities. I think of the many young men who died during the "Civil War" to keep slavery from spreading. They knew that slavery (free labor) would economically hurt white families and that there were white slaves also. They had no intention of seeing an increase in blacks, crime, or the loss of jobs in their state. (Iowa's black codes) Yes, while kind to the few blacks that lived there - they had no desire for an integrated society. Little did they know that on the heels of integration in later years would come the equally anti-Christian movement of homosexual rights.

And now in California, a state committee has ruled that ALL school children must have one day set aside each year by their respective schools in order to celebrate and give honor to Harvey Milk - the Jewish sodomite who is said to have been the most instrumental in starting the homosexual rights movement in America. Can you imagine it? Are you ready to home school yet?

This is not the California that the Christian Spaniards (yes, they were white and not to be confused with the mixed race hybrid "Mexicans" of today who are only Mexican by nationality, but of no relation to the builders of that land) who built the missions envisioned. This is not the state that was envisioned by the hundreds of thousands of white people who settled there, built it up, irrigated the areas and made it into the agricultural mecca that it is today. California was a Christian land and now it is being ruled by Sodomites. Shaaaaaaaame!

Such sad news! This is one parade that decent Americans should protest and fight to their dying breath. The lives and souls of our children are at stake!


Anonymous said...

I thought you didn't have your facts straight, but I looked it up and you are right. This really makes me mad the way they are trying to destroy our country.

Anonymous said...

This "they" you are refering to are just like us, they just happen to like the same sex. You can take your warped opinions and shove them up your ass. Let me ask you something, why the fuck does it matter to you? I'll tell you something, my very best friend is gay and he is a good christian and he tried to change, but being gay is not a choice, it is just who you are. So instead of making judgements with out actually knowing what your talking about make a friend, talk to gay men, hell even talk to lebian women, and if your opinion is still the same then so be it. I quite honestly don't see why gay marriage has anything to do with you. So fuck the fuck off until you actally know what the fuck your talking about.

Ashley said...

I visited the KKK website, which I occasionally do when I'm in the mood to feel sadomasicistic..

I find it interesting how in the video with that other idiot, you said in the 1913 definition of marraige that, and I'm paraphrasing here, "a marraige between a man and a woman for life."

Interesting, FOR LIFE. Isn't that statement false? The divorce rate is over 50%, so that pretty much throws away your "definition" defense claim against gay marriage and your divorce rates certainly trashes any belief in the "sanctity" of marriage.

What I also find ridiculously comical, is how much you racists hate gays and lesbians. I'm a lesbian, and I'm damn proud of it. I'm 23 years old and I've never been happier. But what I keep seeing and hearing about is the very people who hate the most against gays and lesbians, are the very same people who are fucking little children.. of the same sex. by the way, they also have a horrible reputation. Why? Because they keep screwing little boys.. they're not just gay, but pedophiles. Answer me this lady, how the hell can you turn your back to molestation of little children by YOUR people, yet openly hate and protest against two consenting adults?? I bet you'll never cover THAT on your stupid show that undoubtedly has a viewing population of 12. Your views are sad, depressing, ignorant, and pethetic.. but what can I expect from someone who believes in a talking snake, living in a whale, a senior citizen building a cruise ship for 2 of every animal, a virgin birth, and oh, the earth being created in 7 freaking days.

WhereIsTheLove[?] said...

I just have two questions. Why do you hate blacks and bisexuals? Every person has their intrests, their likes and dislikes, their love intrest. And black people. Why do you hate them so much? Tell me; If I blindfolded you, and had you shake hands with one black, and one white. Could you tell a differance? The answer: NO.
My other question: Who does god love? the answer: his creations. ALL of his creations. from the little mouse in your wall, to the recoon who steals trash from the dumpster nearby, to all people. ALL people. God doesn't care if you black or white. gray, purple, green, tan, blue, or even hot pink. He still loves you just the same. in God's eyes, we are all one color. Should skin color matter with us? Are we even worthy of being the Father's deciples? no. and no a hundred times over. We sin so much, and hate of the blacks and bisexuals just fuel even MORE hate and sin. If you have any sense in you, you would stop hating, and learn to love.
if you support me, spread the word! we are all the same. and we are all free to warship the one true spirit! the one who does not hate.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Pendergraft,

While I appreciate your candor, I think that you should research your facts before you decide to start such conversation.

Daniel Webster was in fact not a Christian, but a Universal Unitarian. Members of this church do not necessarily identify themselves as Christians, nor do they adhere to Christian beliefs. They actually value many beliefs of various religions, such as Judaism and Buddhism.

Taddy said...

Honestly, you deserve to burn in whatever interpretation of hell you live in fear of. I pity people like you - the people whose fucking stupid parents brainwashed you into this type of meaningless hate. Face the facts idiot, the color of your skin, preferred sexuality, and beliefs is not something that can be judged by others.

You base your arguments off of the word of G-d.


So go chew on that and reminisce in the fact that you now live an evolving country with a black president, gay marriage, abortion, legalized marijuana, and an ever growing distaste for racist bitches like yourself.

Much Love,

PS. The Klu Klux Klan has always advocated hate. Remember all the blacks you guys killed in the 19th and mid 20th centuries?

PPS. I watched you're kids youth show. its retarded. i feel bad for every single one of them. they're some of the most hated kids in the states.

PPPS. I'm jewish. And proud. And i have gay best friends. And I'm proud. And we're all very happy about it