Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor: Another Outrageous Obama Action

Yes, I am referring to his nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme court. I wonder what all those liberal white guys out there think of Obama and his decision making prowess now? But for those of you who haven't been keeping up with the news, here it is in a nut shell.

Sonia Sotomayor thinks she has a better grasp on the American way of life, its ups and downs, than a white man. Yup, she said it.

Jumping to her defense some are claiming her remarks were taken out of context. However, national legal analyst Stuart Taylor reported, "Sotomayor also referred to the cardinal duty of judges to be impartial as a mere 'aspiration because it denies the fact that we are by our experiences making different choices than others.' And she suggested that 'inherent physiological or cultural differences' may help explain why 'our gender and national origins may and will make a difference in our judging.'" The full speech was reprinted in something called the Berkeley La Raza Law Journal. "La Raza" is Spanish for "The Race."

If a white nominee, male or female, were published in a law journal dedicated to "The Race" of whites - it would be blasted on every front page around the world. Well, probably not because there would be no such law journal allowed in the first place and if there were the white man or woman would more than likely be disbarred.

And even scarier than that is her snickering on camera (oops, I shouldn't have said that - she says) that the appeals court makes law.

This is the type of garbage many of us have been warning you about for years. This isn't the first time America has faced sabatoge from activist judges. The entire dismantling of a white and Christian based government has been thrust upon us by judges who have an agenda.

Of course, I won't lay the blame entirely on them. Many judges are elected (this doesn't say much for those who elected them) or they were appointed by creeps who were elected (again, not saying much for the voters)

Still however, it isn't really them I blame. The preachers of America - who are preachers by the way in a nation that was based upon Christianity (U.S. Supreme Court ruled three times) have been busier fleecing the flocks and trying to play nice with every concocted religion in the world (aren't those interfaith brunches of Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus etc. etc. so fun?) that they forgot what they were in the pulpit to do - preach the word of God. And in America, the word of God was the root of our personal and national liberty. Yes, like it or not - in America you had to be white to be a citizen and you had to be white AND Christian to hold any type of elected position.

Sota says she loves the principles of America's founders...yeah right!

So what does it mean for the average person in America if she is confirmed.

1. She supports the murder of the unborn

2. She is ready to make law from the bench and this is going to have long term consequences to white people as she is clearly predudiced against them as per her own statements.

3. She would rather put residents (of all color) at risk in New Haven, CT than to allow white guys to have a promotion (New Haven fire dept. threw out the test scores of the white firefighters who out scored non-whites on the test and left the dept. deficient rather than give a promotion to whites - so much for public safety as the first concern.

4. Anti-women: Obama loves the gun control people. We live in an time when thanks to the deterioation of our justice system due to people like Sonia - there is more crime against women than ever before. Gun control fanatics would rather a woman be kidnapped and raped than be allowed to shoot the bastard between the eyes. Every civilized society believes in a woman's right defend her self and this just shows how uncivilized America has become. And I wonder, if she one of those sicko types who want to spend millions of taxdollars to rehabilite pedophiles/child molesters or is she willing to send them to the electric chair where they belong? Sonia is no friend to women or children!

5. Anti-family: I haven't seen anything specifically pertaining to her support of homosexual marriage or in favor of criminalizing speech against the homosexual agenda. But I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that as she is a favorite of Obama, and Obama is in support of the sodomite agenda that she is too. Will the last remaining brave preachers, and men and women of America who speak out against this abomination, be thrown in jail by the likes of an activist judge like Sotamayer? I definitely think its a real possibility.

And let me say to any white women reading this who thinks this doesn't apply to you because Sota is a woman and you are sort of proud of her. You are dead wrong. She doesn't care about you any more than the mushy headed liberal white guys who voted for Obama and think you should have a right to an abortion so they can skip out on any responsibilty - care about you. Its the hard working white men of America like my father, my husband, my brothers, my uncles, my cousins, and the compassionate white men at my church who really care about you.

They aren't using you to push an agenda. They aren't trying to strip you and leave you helpless without any means of defense. They aren't pushing affirmative action programs where the non-white woman usually beats out the white woman for jobs/promotions/scholarships etc. because of race. They aren't trying to keep the door open to millions of illegal immigrants who will cost us more and force you to pay more taxes, cause the schools to decline more, and force more women into the menial job sector. No, the men I know are great - and if you think the same about the white men in your life, then maybe you should be as outraged as I am and come to their defense!

It all sounds dark and gloomy for sure. But if it serves to wake up more men and women as to the real betrayal of our political leaders than maybe there is a silver lining. Its just too bad that America has come to this!

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Anonymous said...

You tell it like it is - straight to the point. If she ends up on the bench, it will be one more nail (or many more)into the coffin of white christian America.