Thursday, May 26, 2011

Open letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell

From a Concerned Wife and Mother Regarding
the No Gun Registration Amendment and Gun Registration

Dear Senator McConnell,

I am a mother and grandmother. I home educated my children and am active in the Tea Party, my local Republican Party, and the Home Schooling Alliance of Arkansas. My husband is a small business owner. Within my family are law enforcement officers, teachers, attorneys, and ministers. We are a conservative and traditional value based family with members in throughout the United States as well as your home state of Kentucky. This weekend I spoke before a traditionalist organization in D.C. in regard to the incremental legal decline of the Christian family in this nation and the rise of socialism.

We are all deeply saddened that it now appears you will not back the NO-GUN REGISTRATION Amendment sponsored by Rand Paul. You have spoken out in defense of a tougher stance toward illegal immigration. You have spoken out in defense of limited government. And you have spoken out against many of the insane entitlement programs that are draining our economy. But how will you vote in this most important issue that our civilization pivots on?

Surely, Mr. McConnell, you are aware that allowing any federal agency the authority to track and demand the 4473 form of legal gun owning citizens is a slippery slope toward the eventual abandonment of our Constitutionally protected God given right to keep and bear arms.

Taking away our right to privacy from the intrusive eyes of political engineers who desire to dismantle traditional America – in the name of “security” will be disastrous in the years ahead for all freedom loving men and women everywhere.

I urge you to support this important amendment to the extension of the Patriot Act.

I trust you will side with the Constitution and the legal opinions of our founding fathers.

Rachel Pendergraft


ed king said...

hell yea stand up for free america.

Anonymous said...

Wow... When did God give us the right to own firearms when they didn't exist in biblical times?

Anonymous said...

Well said!