Monday, October 27, 2008

This is the Reality

It is said that the AIDS virus will never be eradicated. Every time scientists think they have a cure, the virus mutates into a different type of strain and scientists again are back at square one.

This is similar to the fight that we are in as a people. For those of you who have made a point of listening to Pastor Robb or other white nationalist leaders in The Knights, you should come away with at least this point in mind; the battle we are in is not new - its a different strain of the same old virus.

It is easy to look around us and to see immense problems facing our people. In fact, the word problem almost seems like an understatement. It’s more than a problem such as a burned chicken in the oven or a busted radiator hose on the car. It is a curse.

Abraham Lincoln said that there was nothing surer than that the black race and the white race were completely different and then he went on to say that he preferred the white race to have the superior governing role. In fact, his plan was to send the blacks back to Africa and to restore Constitutional currency and end the Jewish stronghold on the north and south. It was working until his assassination.

But let’s suppose for a moment that there were no blacks here in America – no Obama. Problem solved - right? Wrong! Blacks are not the problem.

Let’s pretend for a moment that the 1964 civil rights laws had not enabled non-whites to usurp authority that does not belong to them. Problem solved? Hardly.

What about the Bolshevik revolution financed by New York Jews such as Jacob Schiff? The United States had the gall to join forces with a Jewish led Communist nation and then we opened our doors to a flood of Eastern European Jews and revolutionaries of the worse sort.

Maybe the problem was the Christmas Eve 1913 passing of the Federal Reserve legislation that handed over control of our nation’s finances - once and for all - to privately held international Jewish banking conglomerates. No, still not the problem.

And less I ruffle any feathers; the problem isn't because the South lost the war. 99.9% of the people don't understand what this war was about anyway. It wasn't about slaves and it wasn't about tariffs. Sure, depending on who you talk to - they'll show plenty of "proof" that it was all about the suffering Negro, or states rights. But if for even a moment you forget that it was the "Jew" running the printing and publishing houses in both the North and the South and lighting the stick of dynamite on both ends - then you really need to wake up to the fact that most people are very gullible and believe whatever is said by, "legitimate - reputable" news sources. When white Christians are dying by the tens of thousands - evil is at the root.

You see, we can go back thousands of years and come up with literally hundreds of thousands of examples - both large and small - of "problems" our people have faced.

Let’s take for instance, the Protestant reformation in Europe. There weren't even any Negroes there, or Asians, or Mexicans. There were no "Gay" pride parades down the streets of London or Worms. But the threat against our people wasn't any less severe than it is now. Only the virus has mutated.

As Pastor Robb continually points out - the "problem" is recorded in Isaiah 14 when Lucifer decides to take over and be the man in charge. Ever since that time eons ago - the fight has been on. Now, as a Christian we know that the fight could have ended then and there. Too many Christians are taught that there is a tug of war between Jesus and Satan. Some days Jesus wins and some days Satan wins. The Bible is clear that God is in absolute complete control of everything. The Bible is all about the Kingdom of God - not to diminish the importance of personal salvation - but it reminds me of the Toby Keith song - its all about me - all about I - I'm number #1 me oh my! Our people are suffering the age long birth pangs of bringing forth the Kingdom of God! Each time our people back peddle from their mission - a mission ingrained in our being and soul - each time our people turn away from righteousness and follow the leadership of God's adversary - and each time we fall out of love with God and His laws and fall in love with worldly ideas - humanistic, Judaic, Rabbinical, anti-Christ ideas - our people are given a good swift kick in the butt. It’s just that simple.

If you are a parent then you know that raising a son or daughter to Christian adulthood with a mission and purpose in mind for their life - is an everyday battle. There are lots of little skirmishes along the way. As a loving parent - one with mercy - you often overlook the things your little one does that are wrong. You pick and choose. The overall goal - remember isn't to prove that you're a drill sergeant and your little one better listen or else. You have a goal in mind for that child and it involves more than knowing it’s your way or the highway. You look for the day when they have been taught well and can walk on their own.

It is the same way with Christ. We - under God's authority and leadership - are working toward the establishment of God's government. The Apostle Paul says that we should work and race toward the prize. We are foolish if we are to believe that God can't usher in His own government. How prideful and sinful of ourselves if we think that for a second. But we are told that the Saints will rule with Him and His sons and daughters will have authority upon the earth once again and each of us - says Paul should strive to be considered worthy of this position. God has a desired purpose for us and He trains us for this mission - the same as an earthly parent - by a mix of punishment, trial, tribulation, mercy and forgiveness.

It sounds very religious - but it’s also very political. That is why it’s absurd to suggest that religion and politics can be separated!

It’s more - much more than the ghetto Negro yelling out side a person's apartment at 2am. It’s more than the dregs of society getting chased out of New Orleans into Houston. Its more than the possibility of having a Negro for president.

It’s more than any single or combined incident you can think of.

If a person doesn't realize this - then they won't understand the plan.

The Bible often symbolizes alien non Christian people as water - as a flood. Our nation - and our sister white nations are being literally flooded by aliens. We are under judgment. Our nation sits on the brink of bankruptcy - We are under judgment. The best our nation has to give are being slaughtered in foreign wars - We are under judgment. Homosexuals parade through the streets. We are under judgment.

For those who are sickened by the depravity our people are involved in and perhaps don't understand the longevity of the battle - quick fixes seem the solution. It never is (there is Biblical criteria that must be met for physical confrontation to take place that is outside the realm of personal and family self defense and I talk about that in the video Take Back America!) But my friends, those criteria have NOT been met. And to pursue that type of course of action is not at this time Biblically justified. True leaders who speak with God's anointing will not suggest things that are not within God's divine plan or before God and His word justifies it.

For example: (and I will quote at length here because it couldn't be reworded any better - this from, "America in Prophesy" written in 1888 by Ellen White. It details the struggle of Christians and God's word through the centuries and the great plan of the ages - the bit I will quote is about the reformation of the 15th century and the chaos that erupted as some chose to deviate from the plan of inspired leadership)

(At this point in history Martin Luther (remember his powerful statements against the Jewish power and how they attempt to undermine Christian religions and movements - Luther has been sequestered in a castle to protect his safety. Many think he is dead - though in actuality he is translating the Bible into German for use by the common people - many decide to help themselves (people must be careful not to confuse statements regarding personal conduct with statements regarding national conduct) The people grow restless.

"The Romish leaders saw with terror to what a pitch had risen the feeling against them. Though at first exultant at the supposed death of Luther, they soon desired to hide from the wrath of the people. His enemies had not been so troubled by his most daring acts while among them as they were at his removal. Those who in their rage had sought to destroy the bold reformer were filled with fear now that he had become a helpless captive.

The tidings that he was safe, though a prisoner, calmed the fears of the people, while it still further aroused their enthusiasm in his favor. His writings were read with greater eagerness than ever before. Increasing numbers joined the cause of the heroic man who had, at such fearful odds, defended the word of God. The Reformation was constantly gaining in strength. The seed which Luther had sown sprang up everywhere. His absence accomplished a work which his presence would have failed to do. Other laborers felt a new responsibility, now that their great leader was removed. With new faith and earnestness they pressed forward to do all in their power, that the work so nobly begun might not be hindered.

But Satan was not idle. He now attempted what he has attempted in every other reformatory movement - to deceive and destroy the people by palming off upon them a counterfeit in place of the true work. As there were false Christ’s in the first century of the Christian church, so there arose false prophets in the sixteenth century.

A few men, deeply affected by the excitement in the religious world, imagined themselves to have received special revelations from Heaven and to have been commissioned to carry forward to its completion the reformation which, they declared, had been but feebly begun by Luther.”

(Haven't we heard nonsense such as this before from so-called leaders in the movement - they speak against peaceful action and the leaders who lead peaceful type activist organizations with disdain and scorn announcing to their own followers and eager listeners about the "right" way to do it or how we must "take action”? These types of fools have prompted illegal and violent activity that has 1) destroyed the families of their followers 2) put themselves or others behind bars or in the grave 3) cast distrust upon the motives of those in the movement by the general public 4) caused general fear and panic to fall upon the average person in regard to our most worthwhile cause. Murders, bank robberies, assassinations, irresponsible talk etc makes people fear us and not love us. We don't win by making people scared of us - we get them to listen to us and to learn of the need for personal and national repentance by their "loving" us or at least not wanting to run for cover when ever "white pride" or "racialist" terms are used! If you want your white brothers and sisters to FEAR you and follow you or the cause out of fear then you are not being motivated by the Love of Christ for the lost sheep i.e. our brothers and sisters - but out of your own failings, feelings of insecurity, and desired power trip - you are a symptom of the repressed white man, but not part of the cure until you get your heart right with God.)

Quote Continued:

“In truth, they were undoing the very work which he had accomplished. They rejected the great principle which was the very foundation of the reformation - which is that the word of God is the all -sufficient rule of faith and practice; and for that unerring guide they substituted the changeable, uncertain standard of their own feelings and impressions. By this act of setting aside the great detector of error and falsehood, the way was opened for Satan to control minds as best pleased himself.

One of these men claimed to have more knowledge or leadership capability. A student who united with him forsook his studies, declaring that he had been endowed by God Himself with wisdom to expound His word. Others who were naturally inclined to fanaticism united with them. The proceedings of these enthusiasts created no little excitement. The preaching of Luther had aroused the people everywhere to feel other necessity of reform, and now some really honest persons were misled by the pretensions of the new leaders.

The leaders of the movement proceeded to Wittenberg and claimed authority.

The fruit of the new teaching soon became apparent. The people were led to neglect the Bible or to wholly cast it aside. The men who thought themselves competent to revive and control the work of the reformation, succeeded only in bringing it to the verge of ruin.

Luther at the Wartburg, hearing of what had occurred, said with deep concern, 'I always expected that Satan would send us this plague.' He perceived the true character of those pretended leaders, and saw the danger that threatened the cause of truth. The opposition of the enemy had not caused him so great perplexity and distress as he now experienced. From the professed friends of the reformation had risen its worse enemies.

And now Wittenberg itself, the very center of the reformation, was fast falling under the power of fanaticism and lawlessness. This terrible condition had not resulted from the teachings of Luther; but throughout Germany his enemies were charging it upon him. (Likewise we have to put up with the hotheads in the movement when it is in fact no proper representation of the vast majority of us) In bitterness of soul he sometimes asked: "Can such, then, be the end of this great work?' Again, as he wrestled with God in prayer, peace flowed into his heart. 'The work is not mine, but thine own,' he said; 'Thou wilt not suffer it to be corrupted by superstition or fanaticism,.' But the thought of remaining longer from the conflict in such a crisis, became insupportable. He determined to return to Wittenberg.

Without delay he set out on his perilous journey. He was under the ban of the empire. Enemies were at liberty to take his life; friends were forbidden to aid or shelter him. The imperial government was adapting the most stringent measures against his adherents. But he saw the work of God was imperiled, and in the name of the Lord he went out fearlessly to battle for the truth.

In a letter to the elector, after stating his propose to leave Wartburg, Luther said: 'Be it known to your highness that I am going to Wittenberg under a protection far higher than that of princes and electors. I think not of soliciting your highness’s support, and far from desiring your protection, I would rather protect you myself. If I knew that your highness could or would protect me, I would not go to Wittenberg at all. There is no sword that can further this cause. God alone must do everything, without the help or co concurrence of man. he Who has the greatest faith is he who is most able to protect.'

With great caution and humility, yet with decision and firmness, he entered upon his work. 'By the word,' said he, 'must we overthrow and destroy what has been set up by violence.'

Luther had returned, and he preached everywhere. The people flocked from all directions, He with great wisdom and gentleness instructed, exhorted, and reproved. Touching the course o some who had resorted to violent measures. Were I to employ force, what should I gain? Grimace, formality, apings, human ordinance, fear, But there would be no sincerity of heart, no faith, no charity. Where these three are wanting, all is wanting and I would not give a pear stalk for such a result... God does more by His word alone than you and I and all the world by our united strength. God lays hold upon the heart: and when the heart is taken all is won.."

Luther had not desire to encounter the fanatics who course had been productive of so great evil. He knows them to be men of unsound judgment and undisciplined passions.

The fanaticism was checked for a time; but several years later it broke out with greater violence and more terrible results.

Thomas Munzer, the most active of the fanatics, was a man of considerable ability, which, rightly directed, would have enabled him to do good; but he had not learned the first principles of true religion. "He was possessed with a desire of reforming the world, and forgot, as many enthusiasts do, that the reformation should begin with him. He was ambitions to obtain position and influence, and was unwilling to be second - even to Luther The leaders in the revolt hated Luther because he had not only opposed their doctrines, but had pronounced them rebels against authority. In retaliation they denounced him as a base pretender.

The enemies exulted, expecting to witness the speedy downfall of the reformation; and they blamed Luther, even for the efforts which he had been most earnestly endeavoring to correct. The fanatical party, by falsely claiming to have been treated with great injustice, succeeded in gaining the sympathies of a large class of the people, and, as is often the case with those who take the wrong side, they came to be regarded as martyrs. Thus the ones who were exerting every energy in opposition to the reformation were pitied and lauded as the victims of cruelty and oppression. This was the work of Satan, prompted by the same spirit of rebellion which first manifested in heaven.

Satan is constantly seeking to deceive men, and lead them to call sin righteousness, and righteousness sin. How successful has been his work! How often censure and reproach are cast upon God's faithful servants because they stand fearlessly in defense of the truth! Men who are but agents of Satan are praised and flattered, and even looked upon as martyrs, while those who should be respected and sustained for their fidelity to God, are left to stand alone, under suspicion and distrust!

Counterfeit holiness, spurious sanctification, is still doing its work of deception. Under various forms it exhibits the same spirit as in the days of Luther, diverting minds from the Scriptures, and leading men to follow their own feelings and impressions rather than to yield obedience to the law of God. This is one of Satan’s most successful devices to cast reproach upon purity and truth.

When persecution was kindled against the teachers of the truth, they gave heed to the words of Christ, "When they persecute you in this city, flee into another." Matthew 10:23. The light penetrated everywhere. The fugitives would find somewhere a hospitable door opened to them, and there abiding they would preach Christ (bring a message of White Christian Revival) sometimes in the church, or, if denied that privilege, in private houses or in the open air (literature distribution / internet) The truth, proclaimed with such energy and assurance, spread with irresistible power.

In vain both ecclesiastical and civil authorities were invoked to crush the heresy (white Christian revival) In vain they resorted to imprisonment, torture, fire, and sword. Thousands of believers sealed their faith with their blood, and yet the work went on. Persecution served only to exalt the truth: (the compassion factor ingrained in our race - violence toward our enemies gives THEM the power. Persecution of the saints - gives US the power) Persecution served only to extend the truth,; and the violent fanaticism which Satan endeavored to unit with the movement, resulted in making more clear the contrast between the work of Satan and the work of God”

End Quote

I don't know about you, but that is powerful language to me. I see so many similarities between that time and now. It is fantastic to know that the vast majority of my white nationalist brothers and sisters as well as those average people who are just beginning to think in terms of race are of the same mind set as my comments. What I fear is the snare of Satan upon those who are weak minded. I have heard of a couple of people asking why we (white nationalists” don’t do something about Obama. Excuse me, but are you the dumbest people in America? On November 3, if Obama wins, do you really think anything is going to change? Obama is the symptom and not the problem (read Pastor Robb’s blog on this subject) Where were you last week – last month – last year – last decade? I have been speaking out for our people and calling for national repentance for over twenty five years. Pastor Robb has been doing so for over forty years and David Duke, and Don Black, and Ed Fields, and Willis Carto, and Paul Fromm, and many other tried and true Christian white nationalists. We have risked slander, have been hated, and have had violence committed against us and yet we continue to say, “Love YOUR People” – be motivated by Love – not Hate!

Hate: This type of talk, action, mentality, effort, etc. IS NOT OF GOD!!!!!!!!!! It might be instigated by sincere individuals who THINK they are following God, but because they aren't right with God in their hearts and have not diligently studied scripture, and are putting their ego above the teachings of truly honest men and women - they fall prey to Satan and they become a tool of Satan instead of a tool of God.

Finally let me say this, in no uncertain terms do we promote a pacifist ideology. A true pacifist would let a man enter his house and rape and kill his wife and children rather than take up arms against the intruder. But as I mentioned previously, we must learn to distinguish between personal truths and national truths given in the Bible.

My friends, The Knights is (singular as one organized effort) not afraid of the tasks ahead, or afraid of action, nor are we working to quiet the efforts on behalf of anti-Christ Jews. We are following the battle strategy as given to us by God and as laid out plainly in the Bible.

Literature distribution, internet sites, video production, fax campaigns, etc. these things ARE NOT useless!!! These things are no more useless than it would be to say that it was useless translating the Bible into the common languages. When the Bible says that God's word will not return void, I believe it 100%. God blesses ALL of our efforts as long as they are done in humility and with the right mindset. I think The Knights has a terrific program as it brings together the right emphasis on positive attitude, individual activism toward combined goals, trust and faith in Jesus Christ, recognition of the real problems and solutions, and a Biblical world view at the core of all of its work. I won't say that The Knights is the only group out there that is doing good work. But I do believe that The Knights is truly being inspired by God just as much as the men and women who worked for a sovereign nation in 1776. There is such a thing as movements being directed, motivated, and led by God and I feel this with The Knights. Our concern as leadership has always been to keep following the will of God, to help the people see themselves as the missionaries (advocates of God's kingdom/government or you might prefer Christian politicians) that we are and keeping our people directed toward the right goals while not being sidetracked by Satan’s attempt to misuse individual desire for quick fixes and overnight success. As I see more and more people awakening to the need of national repentance. We thank you all for your trust in God to see us through - and we invite you to race for the prize as we work together to bring hope to our brothers and sisters where ever they may be!


ncknight said...

Amen, sister!

Anonymous said...

...very well said Mrs. Pendergraft. You have tremendous insight into the problems facing our nation and facing our movement. I hope and pray that more of our like minded brethren will see the wisdom of what you have written here today.

Anonymous said...

atta girl!

Anonymous said...

Hello, well i have many questions which i assume you have been asked many times before so i guess you will have very complete and prepared answers. The United States wasn´t made by white people, even the natives aren´t white. The United States was made, since it´s origins by a beautiful mixture of cultures. Why is it that you feel you are entitled to more? Why is it you feel that the United States belongs more to you than to the rest of them? Why are you so worried to be a minority if you have never been the original americans? What makes you feel bigger, better, entitled to more? Why is it that you are so afraid to embrace a mixture of races and cultures? The only answer I am able to come up with is because of your ignorance. You are afraid of what you don´t know. Maybe you should open your eyes, grow, listen, learn. Hopefully one day you will learn no culture is better than another, no person should have different rights, no one is superior. WE ARE AL EQUAL. I am a Mexican 18 year old girl and I would like to thank you because the United States is the only country in the world where I have ever been descriminated. So maybe you should think about reading and writing. I know german, french, spanish and chinese. My world is the world of ideas, and I can share them with anyone. It´s beatiful. You should try to embrace other cultures and races because in this world with thinning frontiers, and races disappearing due to mixing, with sexual options, with new political choices, philosophical varieties and economic crisis' you are being left behind. And anyone who reads your site once can easily tell. I will now leave you in the XVIII century.. ENJOY. I hope one day you can catch up with us in the third world countries, because for a first world country you sure seem undeveloped.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rachel Pendergraft,

I couldn't have said it better myself. You shine like a bright white ray of hope that perhaps America isn't going to Hell (excuse my profanity) after all, as long as there are angels like you in power.

I can't thank you enough for closing the minds of our children and desperately trying to preach the truth. It's so admirable that you are oblivious to the fact that you sound like a fucking idiot, and I feel bad that you weren't born in the 17th century where you would have been much happier. Wake the hell up, the world belongs to everyone, and you are NOT going to stop gays from getting married or interracial mixing, no matter how pathetically hard you try.

It's very clever the way the KKK is now trying to make themselves look like a bunch of loving teddy bears.. jerks. At least they were honest 80 years ago and didn't pretend that they weren't hatred-filled bastards.

I understand that you are afraid that white Christians are dying out, which is why you think that they should not dirty their blood by mixing with people of other races, or *gulp* wretched Jews. Well neither of my parents were Christian, so I guess my being half Chinese and half Jewish won't bother you too much, despite the fact that according to your demonic beliefs, I shouldn't even exist.

Well, I'm here, so as long as the damage is already done, I think I'll make some more interracial babies. I might even get an abortion or two if it happens before I'm ready. Or maybe I'll just marry a girl. Then we'll go to Church on Sundays and pretend to be God-fearing Christians.

Oh, and since it is in my blood already, I plan to take over the news and media with my evil Jew powers and cause some more messes for you proud, heroic White Christians to clean up. Good luck.