Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gutsy Sarah Palin

Palin's speech was just what American women needed to hear. Its about time we see a gutsy firecracker like Palin stand up for the traditional values of America. Here is what I think.

1. You say Palin is against special needs children. Who has a more special need then an unborn child. Obama voted against a bill that would help protect a child "fetus" who was born alive after a botched abortion. Palin chooses life for special needs children. Obama's "compassionate women libbers" think moms should have the right to kill "abort" their special needs babies.

2. Obama thinks its a good idea for law abiding citizens to be at the mercy of violent criminals. Palin believes in the right of self-defense with - OMG - a gun. Obama's plan - have 911 on speed dial and hope the cops get there in time.

3. Obama's plan to help the poor? Raise minimum wage. Sure it sounds good. But will he also tell companies not to raise prices to compensate for the extra wages they're shelling out? The poor will just end up paying more for goods and services. How will that help? And who is going to pay for all the programs he wants to start to help the poor? Will it be the people who start businesses to employ the poor. What are the poor to do with no jobs if companies can't afford to hire?

4. Health care? Universal health care isn't the answer. Ask people in countries that have it. Need a controversial health procedure? Can't get it cause its not government approved or funded. Need to see a doctor right away? Sorry - but wait in line. Need a qualified doctor - no way, nobody wants that much aggravation for what amounts to a civil service job.

5. RNC is trying to start a culture war? Oh, please! Obama is trying to win the war started in the 60's. Full rights for homosexuals is what he wants. Think it sounds cold to not support that? Think George Washington, John Adams, Abigail Adams, Mercy Otis, Thomas Jefferson, etc. would support a law that makes it illegal for preachers to speak against sodomy? Would they support having homosexuals in the military. Would they want employers to be sued by the govt. or for homeowners to be sued by the govt. for not hiring or renting to homosexuals? Who is really for Freedom here?

7. Energy Crisis - I'm no fan of George Bush, but if we had been more willing to drill for oil in the U.S. years ago when he tried - just maybe the crisis wouldn't be to this magnitude.

8. And a gentle reminder - many of the economic problems we have today are a carryover from the Clinton era. Eight years isn't long enough to fix up eight years of Clinton blunders. Wasn't it Clinton and the DNC that opened up the market with China...Thank you for flooding our country with cheaply made Chinese imports - it sure has helped the economy a lot - NOT!

Differing Opinions:

1. War in Iraq? I agree with the DNC - we shouldn't be there, but their pacifist attitude isn't helping America either. It could make us look weak.

2. The real terrorist threat that nobody will talk about....Illegal Immigration! There are more U.S. citizens killed by illegal immigrants EVERY year than there have been soldiers killed in the War on Terror since the war began! Put troops on our Border!

3. Free Trade? Who is this really helping? Its NOT U.S. manufacturers, not the environment, not the workers, not the taxpayers, and not the consumers. The world's greatest resource is cheap labor and the U.S. doesn't have it (oh, we do have millions of illegal immigrants - the U.S. version of cheap labor -but they end up costing us instead of helping us) China and India are the world's new emerging super powers - both in size, military strength, and financial. America is teetering on the edge and we want to make it easier for U.S. corporations to do business in those countries? Who is that good for? The corp. or the middle class? If you guessed the corporations - you are right.

4. And last but not least, is there any good reason that no major political candidates will ask the obvious question. Why is the U.S. trillions of dollars in debt to itself? Well, its not. It is in debt to the Federal Reserve - a private corporation with shareholders and some government oversight. But who makes the profits? Is it the America citizen as the U.S. Constitution stipulates or is it a wealthy group of international shareholders? Yes, its the latter.

Does free trade, cheap labor, illegal immigration, corporate tax breaks, trillions in debt, the war in Iraq, housing crash, and high energy prices have anything to do with each other? You bet your booties!

What do I believe the scorecard is on these issues?
RNC - McCain - Palin - 60%
DNC - Obama - Biden - 10%

This doesn't look real hopeful to me. But back to comments about Palin. What is refreshing to me is seeing a strong woman stand up for many of the things I believe in. Seeing women like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi supposedly represent the majority opinion of women in the U.S. is sickening. Please, give American women more credit and give us more women like Palin. Our sturdy American foremothers And forefathers would be proud!


Anonymous said...

great commentary. i would like to know a little more about what you do. As a physician, I see so many health issues that inflict us as a nation from these other countries it really is a problem and we foot the bill for these ungrateful, America-hating people with such a huge sense of entitlement. I went to medical school to treat these people and not allowed to voice my opinion because the first amendment only applies to the verbally offensive minorities.

Anonymous said...

sorry, you forgot to say in your profile RACIST. Barrack Obama's views are fine.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

white power

Anonymous said...

racist whore you might as well be a member of the kkk

akia0812162 said...

Well said Rachel
Wow the second comment calles you a raciest and thinks Obama`s views are fine. Iwould be proud to be called raciest by such a foolish person as for Obama`s views they are those of an islamiac muslim and are dangerious for all Americians. The third comment was left by a real inteligent person huhmm? I am very greatfull to to Rachel and am a proud member of The Knights Party.

Anonymous said...

your opinion is sickening and i wonder what are your true objectives are you call yourself christian but live in racism and hatred. This is not christianity and this is why the KKK will never dominate any affairs in the world ever again. Personally you would like to put every one who is not white out of america. God has a different plan for your racists self.

james said...

Your views are narrow minded and out of date. As the world moves towards one type of people and away from recognising people based on thier colour, you have shown clear signs of regression. I pity you because you don not show ability to judge. If i was american, I would support McCain even though he is white, primarly because i believe in McCains skills as a good leader. India and China are emerging superpowers and if american cooperations were to pull out it would have an adverse effect on the companys as well as thier employees. Yes that is middle class america. The size of the asian markets dictate what will be done. I will give you a small example to drive my point in. By observing the markets for mobile phones.You will notice that the number of new subscribers the us market gets in ayear is probably close to the number of subscribers these asian markets pull in merely a month. This is being witnessed all round. I am not saying America should be boycotted. Just that views like yours do nothing to help improve the situation.
(brown dude from India...) .. :)

Anonymous said...

Just curious, do you have an idea for affordable healthcare? Universal health care is not the answer but what we have now is not working either. It took me a year to pay off a fractured leg, and that was 10 years ago. You seem to have many opinions but not a lot of reasonable answers.

Anonymous said...

how can you talk about my country mexico, wihthout been mexican, your words are only terrible point of view.

how can you ask for a free american people if you discriminate, mexicans, black people, asian, african.

you white people are the reason of this racism in the world, but the think thay you dont know , is that you´re becoming a minority, you will suffered, the same way your fucking predecessors kill all non-white people.

you cant no used the name of GOD for your atrocities, your are cristians and im catholic and we share many things, but you dont understand about equality and freedom in the momnet you exclude my country and my mexican people.




Kelly said...

When you let your point of view control who you are and how you live your life it will consume you. This is obviously what has happened to you. I lived in a small town in Pennsylvania for a short time, it was called Honeybrook. The percentage of people who were white power associated was very high, I know for myself I had never had a racist point of view, I had been raised in a urban area and had been exposed to all kinds of people, religion, race and socio ecomnomic status. After a few months in Honeybrook, I found myself having thoughts that were mimicking the poeple around me, I thought I was having the same opinions as them and began joining in on conversations occasionally. It was not until a cross was burned on the lawn of a muslim family that had moved into town, that my parents had enough and we moved back to Philly. I am so grateful to my parents for escaping and helping me escape the propaganda that can easily overtake all logic, reason and the culmination of ones individual experiences. It becomes quite easy to take things out of context and manipulate them into what you want them to mean when you are consumed by an idea or ideal. I feel sorry for all of you who allow your lives to be led for you, who cannot or will not see outside of thier passion and realize that people are people, some good some bad. No race or religion has made America what it is today, individual people with power have made this country what it is. Macro mentality is a very dangerous place, it allows one to see things in any context they choose and have the mob mentality feeding the fire for them, telling them that they are right and that it makes sense.
I do not want to preach, I am not foolish enough to believe that I will change any attitudes towards racism. I just felt the need to get it out, I am so frustrated by what i read on this website (as I know is the intention).
Bottom line is, you and the KKK and every other organization out there dedicated to the purification of the white race or whatever the goal may be, you are living your lives in vain, you are wasting every ounce of God given energy to a cause that continues to take steps backwards, you will never change anything. You will spend you life fighting for a casue with no chance of making any impact on anything. It is a shame, life is short and you are spending it holding a flag that has never seen and never will see success.

Stacey said...

Stop being such a "color" filter. People are people. Children are children. Stop trying to be heard in the name of color. You will never know what it means to know people in general because you close yourself off from a multitude of people and experiences. The problem is that you think your race is more important than any other. Yet, you don't understand that this world has made advances because of extraordinary people of all races. Of course, you only want to give credit to people who will strengthen your own race because you are frankly biased. I like to think everyone can change, but I know you are doomed to a life lingering in your own ignorance. Also, you would do good to stop speculating the worse out of people. The majority of white people will not listen to you because you are reminiscent of a time when everything was wrong and backwards. You're just upset and insecure because things are leveling out for everyone and now success will not be determined on color but on actual merit--instead of depending on some white alliance to give you the advantage. That's basically what it comes down to. And about your "Where is your compassion" text on the side, I can understand why non-white people would possibly hate or despise some whites. Racism begets hatred. It's a cycle, and your "cause" will only perpetuate that problem.

Anonymous said...

Rednecks !!! All of you. It is 2008. I look forward to having a black president. I look forward to all of your racist crap ending.

Go home and rent Mississippi Burning, and watch it with your family. That is your heritage.

Jeff said...

To the "author" of the post regarding Ms. Pendergraft's comments: do you believe you can comment on white people without being white? Nice viewpoint from the left-wing zealots who want violence to achieve their aims, since they are simply not intelligent enough to ever be succesful. If they couldn't take every last thing from the whites (with help from the liberal whites; thanks so much, traitors!), they would be (and should be) stuck in their third world country, drinking dirty, diseased water and murdering each other over the drug trade.
Oh, and assuming you can read---do your research. Whenever diversity has been forced upon the population---from Rome to Haiti---and the white population has had to leave or compromise their ideals, chaos and death are the results.
Troops on the border--protect our country! Troops over the border---take the oil and pay for those illegals draining our economy! Suffice it to say if "anonymous" shows up at my house looking to take something or hurt my family, there will be an accounting.

Anonymous said...

Yelling at people like you is pointless, but the proof is in the pudding, if you want to talk about superiority, well look at the facts, blacks are better at almost every sport we participate in, running circles around Whites, we age better, I mean jeez, have you seen a blonde once the sun gets to them, Whew...not pretty, overall White people have weaker constitutions and most of you could not hold your own in a one on one fight with a black person. Most of your hatred is based in Fear, the fear that you would get your ass kicked if you spewed this shit in the wrong circles. Fear that Black men will not only steal your women, but satisfy them in a way that you never could sexually, Blacks have more beautiful bodies, more creativity as evidenced in the fact that you take our music, our fashion, our food, our culture and try to pass it off as your own, Where do you think people like Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis learned what they did. Blacks are able to survive in conditions that would kill weak white people. You people are pathetic and if you havent noticed you are out numbered. Everything you Crackers put black people through through the ages and we still stand strong. Understand that you will never bring black people down. Not now, and not ever. And if you come with this pipe dream of a war that you keep talking about you better be prepared for the out come. It will not turn out the way you think it will. Oh and OBAMA/BIDEN 08. You dumb peckerwoods don't even know that the fight you are fighting is over and has been a long time, thats why every time you turn on the news they are dragging Some old wrinkled up old men to jail for the dispicable acts they perpetrated back in Jim Crowe days. HAha. you idiots make me laugh. Poor sad hate mongers. Scary white people who are only brave in mobs. Hiding behind the bible. Jesus hates people like you, read the bible, don't just hold it long enough to hit people over the head with it. You are those people who are going to show up on the day of Judgement and say "Hey Jesus!" and his reply will be "I do not know you" and walk away. I would tell you to go to hell, but you are all well on your way. Have a nice trip.

Anonymous said...

I don't support the Knight Party in any way, shape, or form - but like it or not - the anger and frustration expressed here is becoming the norm for many people in America. People of European ancestry, and especially Christians have been told by the elites and mass media that they are to blame for all of the ills of the world. At the same time the politically correct police punished anyone who said a word against a minority - simply saying you dislike rap music will get you branded as a racist by this cartel.

Add to this the destruction of the economy by corrupt Congressmen and Wall Street tycoons who got rich off selling insane mortgages to people who should be renting - white people (and yes, minorities with common sense) who live in small houses they can barely afford have been wondering how crackdealers and braindead dropouts have been living in mansions and driving Escalades - now we know why. And people are furious.

I still think that racist hatered is a waste of time - but when nobody is looking out for white working class families - it is sad, but inevitable that "hate groups" will be on the rise.

You can post "F- you" to Ms. Pendergraft - and other invectives - that's fine if that's the limits of your mastery of the English language - but recognize that injustice hurts everyone, even white people. And don't think they won't fight back one day.

matt said...

Dear Rachel, I wouldn't worry too much about your detractors.It seems most of them cannot even properly construct a sentence,let alone a logical argument or spell for that matter. As far as mexico and mexicans are concerned,illegal immigrants, there was a show on MSNBC that addressed a super maximum security prison in California by the name of Pelican Bay.This is a place where they send you when you can't make it in regular prison.When you are too dangerous for places like San Quentin.Too dangerous for a maximum security prison. Their biggest problem was with the mexican inmates.They had the largest number of members and were/are consistently the most dangerous,most violent offenders.Not just in prison but throughout the state. These are people who commit murder,rape and sell drugs on a regular basis without a second thought.You want these people living in your communities,Really?Do you think it's a joke? What would you think if it happened to you or your mom or your sister? You and everybody else with a negative comment can't afford to be this naive."These people don't come here(America)to embrace it,they come to exploit it."Where is it that you think these people originate out of?As well, how can anyone say that they don't undermine the economy when they come and work for next to nothing on wages nobody else could support a family on.They'll start selling drugs and become part of the unbridled prison population.How much damage will they have done before they are sent to prison or deported? Oh and since we're on the topic of race,since most comments seemed to focus solely on that,Stacey, go live in a predominantly black neighborhood,watch them sell crack and heroin to your kids, if you have any,and then tell us all about the level playing field.I've seen this behavior over and over again in big cities with lots of "diversity".I've seen certain intersections of cetain cities at a cetain time of day teaming with black people,all yelling at the cars passing by"what you want,what you need"All of them black.I have never once seen crack in the city I grew up in or the town I live in now.You know what will never happen,that will never happen here.You know whats funny,I used to be like you,I used to go out of my way to try to see issues from another races' point of view.I think alot of white people have/do. I have never seen that type of attitude from a minority. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of their whining and bitching about slavery.Some of you talk about living in the past,didn't slavery end almost 150 years ago.I'm sick of hearing about the white man holding minorities down.On the naacp's website it says "we are the direct descendents of the abolishionists."Who is living in the past? I'm 34,I don't seem to remember ever owning any slaves or my parent owning any slaves or my granparents owning any slaves or my great granparents ever owning any slaves.I've seen pictures dating back farther than all of that,no slaves in any of those pictures either. Who is living in the past? Stacey, you talk about success based on merit rather than color,who was affirmative action
designed for?Was that for me? Pretty sure it wasn't but maybe I'll take advantage of it when I'm a helpless minority.
Why is it okay for their to be an naacp but it racist for their to be an organization that represents white America's interests especially when we are becoming the minority.Why are some of you so eager to sell out your own race? You must be at least upper middle class,you must be sheltered and "special","a unique snowflake".Go on then and live in your own pretty little world. By the way,that was a nice touch,the people who responded simply with words like bitch and racist whore.Was that the best response your tiny little brains could muster. Akia,use spellcheck or get help from somebody. You do yourself and your party a disservice when you can't even spell simple words correctly.Goddamn it,most of you,we have a language in this country. It's called English,learn how to speak it and spell it.
As far as the muslim population is concerned,the entire middle east hates us minus Israel.They have always been a problem and always will.I spent over a year in Iraq and regardless of whether or not you think we should be there,we are there.Twelve+ of our men died in a year and two more had their heads cut off and were dragged through the streets the year before we arrived.They are dying over there ,dying to protect you."Maybe they deserve more than your pity" (and scorn).You're all so eager to bow down to them.Fine then, give it up and watch them take and not give because you don't have any spine.You will be the same people crying for protection. when all is truly beyond repair.I feel almost as much contempt for you as I do for them because this is your country and you don't give a shit.You are spoiled and selfish. Grow up and live in the real world.

Anonymous said...

you are a f***ing racist, you white bitch !!!!

Anonymous said...

Comments like this are sickening.

"you white people are the reason of this racism in the world, but the think thay you dont know , is that you´re becoming a minority, you will suffered, the same way your fucking predecessors kill all non-white people."

Isreal is small but powerful - just like the white race.

Anonymous said...

So sad America is going down the drain..makes you stop and think where we may have gone wrong....siiiggghhhhh

Im glad you have this site up..with all the "black only" groups out there...dang!!! Atlease they let us have SOMETHING...but you know, were still racist because we want something of our own...but they can have whatever the f*** they want...such crap!!!

If we cant have white clubs..white American colleges, groups, or ANYTHING WHITE ONLY..heaven forbid!!! But they can do what ever they want...cuz they were slavvvvvvvvvvvvvessssssss LIKE A ZILLION YEARS AGO!!!!!!! whatever soooooooooooooo two faced!!

newgen said...

Keep fighting the good fight darlin'. Proud to see other like minded individuals that are not afraid to speak out against a full court press by the DNC. They crammed to much bad legislation down our throats during the Clinton administration and are trying to get another left wing extremest in office to push through what Slick Willy couldnt the first two times. I hope that our country will survive past Obama's administration if he gets into office. Every time he gives a speech it looks like more and more of our rights will be eradicated and the Bill of Rights will be nothing more than a blunt wrapper for him. Pray for us all, and God bless your heart.

Anonymous said...

This sounds more like a rant by an idiotic person who knows nothing about politics. How do I know this? Your blatant support of Palin. Aren't you an idiotic fool?


Anonymous said...

Oh mein Gott! was ein nichtnützig schtück von shceiße. Du habst kein Idee uber des Welt. Es tut mir leid für diene Kinder. Sie werden von ein Idiot learnen. Arkansas, really? Why does this not surprise me. Your kids are home schooled, even less surprising.You support a pinhead such as Palin, typical. As a funeral director I can tell you you're going to rot just like the rest of us regardless of gender or color. You claim to be a good "Christian" yet you act nothing like one. Whether in German or English, your a moron.

Anonymous said...

absolutely obnoxious tripe. digusting just disgusting

Anonymous said...

The U.S. is not a country for white dudes..

Go back to europe

you racist bitch!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait till OBAMA is in office and all you stupid redneck fucks, with your backwords ideas have to deal that a black man is the predident.

BlueEyedDevil said...

The way America’s very own Hussein can snow the idiot portion of our populace with his slick talking schmooze, I think he should be dubbed the

Obaminable Snowman

He is actually much more ambitious than his true mentors, Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin, leaving a much larger wealth redistribution footprint in the snow than either of those two pikers.

Yes, those who are to be given “each according to his need”, provided by those who are to be taken from “each according to his ability” (hmmm, what manifesto have we heard that one from before?) are now to include not merely our “fellow Americans” but those living in “poverty” everywhere on the freakin’ planet!

For Hussein supports the UN’s latest American taxpayer wealth grab, the Millennium Summit goal of forcing the United States to contribute .7% of its GNP to eradicating WORLD poverty. Hussein was a co-sponsor of the Senate Global Poverty Act to placate these UN demands to the tune of an additional 845 BILLION dollars of foreign aid, to be paid for by a “carbon tax” amounting to as much as $1.00 on every gallon of gasoline!

Oh, and by the way, this Millenium Summit bullcrap contains a provision for eliminating “small arms” worldwide - so goodbye Second Amendment.

Let’s hope the Revolution that is going to be provoked by having an African Communist in the White House, will give this country a second chance to literally throw all the bums out and get a fresh start.

Anonymous said...

Poor white lady you must have had a horrible life well you going to have to get use to a BLACK MAN running things bc alot of people don't have these views

Anonymous said...

Black Power!!!! GO OBAMA I am white and I wish I could vote for him more than once

Anonymous said...

What a great commentary. Astute, savvy, and right on!

Anonymous said...

This is yet another typical piece of trash from the ever clever KKK. Unfortunately we have the freedom of speech, so pieces of white trash like Ms. Pendergraft(lookin GREAT by the way) can say whatever she wants about any religion, race or nationality. Unfortunately for her, our country will be ruled by a black president in less than 3 months when Obama takes office. My oh my, the world is going to turn into a sad place for Ms. Pendergraft and her bunch of uneducated, redneck Klan members. You have no basis for any ideas that you follow. You claim to be good Christians, yet you preach more hate than anything else, and as one of the previous people commented, you are going to rot just like the rest of us, whether you think you're more Christian than the next person or not. And the message in German also was well written. Your poor children, having to grow up in a house with a mother like you. But the main point is that your organization is taking a downward spiral toward nonexistence. Like a few people on here have mentioned, our country will be run by a biracial(yes, his parents were "race mixers" as you call them) man. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

WELL I dont know how u feel today but that black guy is ur president. Bow down racist bi+(hes...lmao!!!!

Richard Brodie said...

Our white European forefathers did not "enslave" the blacks. They liberated them from their otherwise miserable lives in their African home countries, where their own fellow slave-trading countrymen might well have sold them into REAL slavery to really brutal and backward countries. Instead those fortunate ones got to come to AMERICA, where for the most part they enjoyed a comfortable and secure pastoral agrarian existence under benevolent plantation overseers. I was partially raised by a woman whose Texan father was such an overseer. She used to refer with genuine affection to her "nigger mammy" who, like most other such blacks, loved their "massers."

It is a malicious myth that blacks were "freed" by the civil war. They have now become much worse off as inner city welfare slaves, where the males have to deal drugs instead of picking cotton to make a living, and the mothers have to remain single in order to better qualify for government handouts. Lincoln knew the problems this country would have with blacks being "liberated." That's why he proposed, unfortunately unsuccessfully, to avert the ongoing race war that we've had in this country ever since his administration, by purchasing the "slave's" "freedom" and helping them to establish themselves in a free and prosperous new country in their natural home continent of Africa.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. Pendergraft I have a page on Windows Live Spaces. the link is and I would encourage everyone that reads Rachels Blog to come over and read mine and please comment. I do not think that having pride in your heritage should make anyone considered a racist, but that is Society for you. But together we can fix the problem. Any Knights are welcome to my blog, this is why I am posting here so I have alot of responces.. Thank you again Mrs. Pendergraft.

Anonymous said...

You White Americans are now slaves of a Nigga!!! Hahahahahaha! Losers!!!

Anonymous said...

U must be happy that i posted your your first comment. i am a 13 year old who has an IQ of 134 and i am white and am christan and not cathlic. even i realize the survive as a spieces we need to work together all races together for without this we will surly parish.

Chris said...

I'm impressed. I fear American society will have to have to fall a little further into "darkness" before a large enough amount of Whites will awaken. I'm glad to see that your movement is working in the light of day and within the(our) system. May we restore our Homeland to its former glory. Our Destiny hangs in the balance.

Anonymous said...

I am a nonwhite, but I am not black either. Unfortunately I can never be a klan member, but I know from a lifetime of experience that there are truths in what you say. Everytime I have been treated with class by whites, with disdain and hatred by black people. This is why I visited your site. White Christian America is the best nation on earth. I have experienced this my whole life thus far. Again, I am nonwhite, but I thank the white people for being there with class and respect and great dignity. Compassion too. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so ignorant.. you mention Mexicans as the only " hispanics" do you know there are a lot of WHITE hispanics? Blonde and Blue eyed? even WHITER than some of you people?

Maybe if I keep my mouth closed in front of you I could pass as " white" but as soon as I opem my mouth VOILA!! I'm hispanic because I have an accent.. lol.

Do you even know that hispanic is NOT a race but just the people that come from a Spanish speaking country.. :)

For your information, Jews are white too, and there are more countries south of the border...Ignorants call every latino Mexican..

You need to get out your pick up truck and travel with your trailer around the country and maybe around the world.. like that you could see there's a real world out there...

Life is too short to live in hate.. make love not hate and learn and read more about other cultures, you need it.

Cheers.. from a white hispanic ! lol :)

Anonymous said...

so i wonder how you feel about Barack Obama, and African-American being president of the UNITED STATES.I bet you ignorant people with your anti-semitism ways are not happy. Let me tell you something, we are all the same, we maybe be black, but we are PROUD!!!! Some of you are sick, and the God you claim to be asking you to hate other races, will send all you straight to HELL.. Seriously some of you do not deserve to have a heart, if you think just because someone is different, they are beneth you. WE have black lawyers, Asian CEO, the owner of CHAPTER IS JEWISH, and A BLACK PRESIDENT!!! other races have achived things a white man couldn't do in a life time. Help yourselfs first before you try to change the views of other.. I really hope you would put my comment up, because if u dont, you must know your views are politically, religiously WRONG!!!! and you do not want others to see a "Black Woman's opinion, on your sick twisted ways of thinking. WE ARE FREE, AND FREE WE WILL REMAIN, I DARE YOU SICK BASTARDS TO TRY AND MESS WITH OUR FREEDOM, THEN YOU WILL SEE BLACK POWER!!

Anonymous said...

God loved the world so much that He sent Jesus to lay down His life for us (John 3:16). The “world” obviously includes all ethnicities of humanity. Mrs. Pendergraft your kind people are in the minority, you guys will soon be weeded out, with no legacy to speak of. It is not to late to repent from your sins, hell is a horrible horrible place to spent an eternity.

Anonymous said...

The word "world" in John 3:16 is from the Greek word Kosmos which means "orderly arrangement." God loves the orderly arrangement He created and the amalgamation (that means race mixing) of the races is outside of the orderly arrangement God loves. Furthermore, Jesus Christ will speak on your behalf to the Father if you confess your allegiance to him - confess meaning to stand for the same things He stood for. If you don't stand for the orderly arrangement he created - kind after kind - than you are no Christian.

From Rachel Pendergraft